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The Sandman Audio Adapt: James McAvoy as Morpheus Leads All-Star Cast

Set to join McAvoy is Riz Ahmed as The Corinthian, Justin Vivian Bond as Desire, Arthur Darvill as William Shakespeare, Kat Dennings as Death, Taron Egerton as John Constantine, William Hope as Doctor Destiny, Josie Lawrence as Mad Hettie, Miriam Margolyes as Despair, Samantha Morton as Urania Blackwell, Bebe Neuwirth as The Siamese Cat, Andy[...]

Dallas & Robo

Dallas & Robo: WWE Debuts New YouTube Cartoon Starring John Cena, Kat Dennings

The animated series follows "sassy space-trucker" Dallas, voiced by Kat Dennings, and her robot partner, voiced by international entertainment superstar John Cena You can watch the series for free on YouTube, which has been embedded below.There is both a censored and uncensored version, so if your virgin eyes and ears might be offended, you can[...]

Flight of the Conchords Director Taika Waititi In Thor: Ragnarok Talks

I just hope Kat Dennings will be back as well.The Thor movies have not been my favorites of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though I like Hemsworth as Thor a great deal The scenes of Thor adjusting to Earth are always fun, but there's always something distancing about both the threats and Asgard itself The Dark[...]

Ant-Man's Michael Douglas Plays Charades With Thor's Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings has the two Thor films already under her belt and gave Mjolnir the great knickname Meow-Meow The two actors, plus Two And A Half Men's Jon Cryer joined Jimmy Fallon in a game of charades on The Tonight Show.I wonder who Cryer could play in the MCU...[youtube]https://youtu.be/Q8G36Cje-no[/youtube][...]

New Clip From Thor: The Dark World, Featuring Chris O'Dowd

This new clip from Thor: The Dark World, which premièred at Buzz Sugar, features Natalie Portman, Chris O'Dowd and Kat Dennings and, aside from the issue with the 'Ziggy' gadget that Dennings brings up, plays pretty much like a scene from a romantic comedy.Thor: The Dark World is out in the UK on the 30th of October[...]

Thor 2 Gets Another Villain, Plus More Kat Dennings To Enchant Us

Would we call Annakin Skywalker and Darth Vader dual roles?Now, does the inclusion of Kurse in the new Thor mean we can expect to see The Beyonder, the comics' very cosmic gestalt entity that transitioned the wounded Algrim to this other, incredibly powerful state?I guess the question is, how absolutely far-out will the next wave[...]