Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3: Turning Into The Insanity

DC's Legends of Tomorrow is like no other show on television. It's is part comedy, part action-adventure, part Dr. Who and part professional shark-jumpers. This is the Bad News Bears of the Arrowverse and now that everyone involved in the series has embraced that, it's becoming truly legendary.

Legends of Tomorrow season 3

I think the first season of the series, the writer's were trying to do the Avengers meet the Dirty Dozen. They might tell you different, but it felt like they wanted the team to gel together by the end to be that well oiled machine. And somewhere along the way they realized that these weren't those guys. Or maybe that was their plan all along but kept it quiet from the network executives. But you base a series on a group of heroes trying to stop one guys in multiple times… you kind of know that the heroes won't be getting any real victories until the season end. By season two they seemed to have a better idea of what the show could be, but still seemed to want to have heroes… then the put them up against the Justice Society and everyone realized what they'd created was a live-action "Bwa-ha-ha-ha" series like the Mark Maguire, J.M. DeMatteis and Keith Giffen Justice League International series. And if you think that's a stretch, this is the same universe that has now created a Live-Action version of the entire Justice League Detroit team except for Zatanna and Aquaman.

With the new season, they've decided to turn into the skid. Embrace the insanity and stay just 2 seconds away from jumping the shark (Mark Guggenheim said that last part himself). Season one started with Rip Hunter (Arthur Dravill) explaining how these characters were Legends in the future… and he lied. The new season starts with Rip, now head of the Time Bureau, telling the team they are no longer needed. This frees the Legends to be the inept, goodhearted losers and occasional screw things up for the good of time occasionally. They're bringing in famous historical characters more, going for the laugh as often as the heroic moment and playing with nostalgia… like the entire 1984 episode that just aired. The best example of the shows attitude is likely the scene where Sara (Caity Lotz) explains to the rest of the team that Rip has been lying and something really bad is coming… and then they all bust out into laughter.

The show has really grown into it's own thing over the first two seasons and now it really has become a lot of fun to watch. Each week there is going to be comic book and pop culture Easter Eggs, silly / funny moments and the occasional kick-ass battle… and that is definitely worth tuning in for.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9 PM on the CW.

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