Dean Ambrose Reboots as Jon Moxley; Is He Headed to AEW?

After months of speculation, scientists finally opened the Dean Ambrose box in April and found a dead cat. It seems that Ambrose leaving WWE was (probably) not a work, and the man formerly known as Jon Moxley is a free agent for real. Well, except we're going to have to switch that formerly. Now, the man formerly known as Dean Ambrose has changed his Twitter account's name to Jon Moxley again, listed himself simply as "professional wrestler" in his bio, and posted the following teaser video, in which Moxley escapes from prison. It's the first tweet ever on Moxley's account, even though it was created in 2012. Moxley never used the account while in WWE.

It's a very cinematic trailer and filled with Easter eggs that pro wrestling fans are already obsessing over. Does the stay in prison represent Moxley's WWE career? Does the dog chasing him represent The Shield, the Hounds of Justice? And what about those dice toward the end? Is Moxley hinting that he will appear in Vegas at AEW's Double or Nothing? Does the barbed wire on his fist hint at a hardcore, deathmatch future, or is it a reference to Moxley's deathmatch past?

The high quality of the trailer's production would seem to suggest that there's a wrestling promotion behind it… though that's not necessarily a given. All we have are questions, and Am–  Moxley isn't providing any answers yet. The only thing for certain is that it doesn't look like Moxley plans to settle into a quiet retirement as some speculated during his WWE departure.

Dean Ambrose Reboots as Jon Moxley; Is He Headed to AEW?


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