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Dimension 20 Is Playing Madison Square Garden In 2025
Dropout announced their TTRPG live-play show Dimension 20 is getting the biggest gig of its life, as the show will be at Madison Square Garden next January The show will take place on Friday, January 24, 2025, as Gauntlet At The Garden will be a one-night-only gameplay session featuring Brennan Lee Mulligan as your GM,[...]
Dropout Announces Dimension 20: Fantasy High - Junior Year
Dropout has revealed a brand new season of Dimension 20 is on the way as they confirmed Fantasy High – Junior Year will be coming out in January The kids return for another year of high school with all the myth and magic you can expect from the previous seasons, only with what appears to[...]
Dimension 20
Comedy streaming service Dropout revealed the latest season for Dimension 20 is on the way, as they showed off more of Season 20: Burrow's End For the third time, Aabria Iyengar will be the Game Master, having already hosted two popular seasons with Misfits & Magic and last year's A Court of Fey & Flowers[...]
Dropout Announces Next Live-Action Series Dimension 20: Mentopolis
Dropout has revealed the latest season for their live-action role-playing series Dimension 20, as the players will be headed to Mentopolis This latest adventure will take you into the mind, literally, as you'll see several characters representing different functions of the body in a new noir-inspired story, hosted once again by Brennan Lee Mulligan We[...]
Dimension 20 Neverafter: Old Fables Come Alive In Series Trailer
Dropout.tv today announced Dimension 20: Neverafter, an all-new 20-episode TTRPG actual play series led by Game Master Brennan Lee Mulligan and featuring players Emily Axford, Ally Beardsley, Brian Murphy, Zac Oyama, Siobhan Thompson, and Lou Wilson The premiere episode will debut on Wednesday, November 30th, 2022, at 7 pm ET / 4 pm PT on[...]
Dimension 20: A Court Of Fey & Flowers Season Trailer Unveiled
Today, Dropout.tv announced Dimension 20: A Court of Fey & Flowers, an all-new 10-episode TTRPG actual-play series led by Game Master Aabria Iyengar and featuring players Surena Marie, Oscar Montoya, Omar Najam, Brennan Lee Mulligan, Lou Wilson, and Emily Axford. Source: Dropout TV The premiere episode will debut on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022, at 7 pm ET[...]
Dimension 20 Bares Its Fangs With 'Coffin Run' Campaign Trailer
Dropout.tv's Dimension 20 approaches a new season and new campaign with Dimension 20: Coffin Run The campaign, an all-new 6-episode TTRPG actual-play series led by Game Master Jasmine Bhullar will feature players Erika Ishii, Carlos Luna, Zac Oyama, and Isabella Roland. Season poster for 'Coffin Run' Source: Dropout.tv The premiere episode of Dimension 20: Coffin Run will debut on[...]
Dimension 20: Shriek Week
College can be a horror show, but throw in some cryptids and fantasy elements, and you've got a perfect season for a Dimension 20 adventure A new season, with special guests and game master, has approached with a trailer and behind-the-scenes looks at the setup and players. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1[...]
Dimension 20 Announces The Unsleeping City Season Two
College Humor and DROPOUT revealed today that Dimension 20 is coming back for season two of The Unsleeping City A return to one of the most popular campaigns they've done since launching the tabletop RPG series, it appears the crew for this particular story has been called back to defend a fantasy version of NYC[...]
Matt Mercer Joins The New Season of Dimension 20
Yesterday, the latest season of Dimension 20 kicked off on CollegeHumor, and they gained a special guest in the form of Matthew Mercer This time around the crew dive into a season full of evil as they will be playing some devilish characters that are in it to win it And by win it, we[...]