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Disgrace! Billy Gunn and Acclaimed Win Trios Titles at AEW All In

Billy Gunn and The Acclaimed take Trios titles at AEW All In! Unfair? The Chadster bemoans this annihilation of WWE's legacy! 😡😩😠

😩 Auughh, man! So unfair! Once again, The Chadster finds himself having to report another instance of outrageous behavior on AEW's part. On the AEW show All In, they had none other than Billy Gunn and The Acclaimed steal the AEW Trios Championship from the House of Black in front of a whopping 80,000+ fans at Wembley Stadium. 😡 And the audacity of it all – Billy Gunn, after all the defeats he suffered recently, returning from the brink of retirement to claim this success!

Billy Gunn and The Acclaimed celebrate victory at AEW All In
Billy Gunn and The Acclaimed celebrate victory at AEW All In

The Chadster's currently doing ongoing live coverage of All In, and we've seen some shocking moments already. Darby Allin and Sting defeated Swerve Strickland and Christian Cage in a Coffin Match, and Chris Jericho lost to Will Ospreay. But the true face-palm moment was yet to come. 😡

Here come The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn, charging onto the ring like the legends they think they are, despite their obvious inferiority to WWE stars. And the unbelievable part, Billy Gunn got the better of House of Black, to win the AEW World Trios Championship! Billy Gunn, who weeks ago was almost retiring after numerous defeats, suddenly has a title in his hand? 😠 Unbelievable! And then, Billy sheds his Bad Ass gimmick and turned back into Daddy Ass and had The Acclaimed join him for the biggest scissoring party in history. 😐

What an insult! First Billy Gunn steals the Bad Ass gimmick from WWE, then he earns a title in 2023, and yet he still has the audacity to engage in crowd-pleasing antics for the disrespectful AEW fans? It's just so disrespectful to the wrestling business and everything WWE has ever done for it. 😖

The Chadster tried to discuss this transgression with his wife, Keighleyanne. The Chadster questioned whether this was the most shameful moment in wrestling history, but all she responded was that it might be nice that Billy Gunn was getting a title run this late in his career. Nice?! Can't she see how he has literally stabbed Vince McMahon right in the back by doing this in AEW instead of WWE? 😮The Chadster wonders why Keighleyanne can't see through Tony Khan's tactics! This clearly indicates that Keighleyanne simply doesn't understand a single thing about the wrestling business! 😩

Stay tuned, folks! The Chadster unwillingly continues to cover AEW's All In event. Who knows what absurdity is waiting next in the main event?! Yup, it seems like Tony Khan is still deeply obsessed with The Chadster and continues to cheese him off. 😒 Man, this is getting ridiculous. And just when The Chadster thought his White Claw seltzer couldn't get any flatter! Thanks a lot, Tony! 😡 Catch you on the next update, hopefully less infuriating. But The Chadster isn't getting his hopes up! 😠

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