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Doctor Who: Big Finish Reveals Time Lord Victorious Audio Dramas Info

Less than a month after BBC Books announced their contributions to BBC Studios' upcoming massive multi-platform event "Time Lord Victorious," Big Finish has stepped up to announce their role in the 12-week immersive experience. Paul McGann returns as the Eighth Doctor in a trilogy of full-cast audio drama adventures, facing off against his sworn enemies, the Daleks, during the Time War. McGann is joined by Silas Carson as Brian the Ood, Samantha Béart as Tiska, and Nicholas Briggs as the Daleks. In addition, Doctor Who: Short Trips will feature two of the Master's incarnations in two separate audio dramas, narrated by Jon Culshaw.

Doctor Who
The Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Doctors, and Rose Tyler are set to be a part of Time Lord Victorious, courtesy of Big Finish and others.

McGann's three stories will be released between October and December 2020, but are available now for pre-order as a single-disc collector's edition or download from the Big Finish website. A bundle of all three stories can also be pre-ordered on CD or as a download. Short Trips is also available for pre-order and will be released in October 2020 as a download, and included in the "Time Lord Victorious" bundle of the McGann trilogy. In addition to Big Finish's website, U.S. customers can purchase from Alien Entertainment, Who North America, Ken's Korner USA, and Mike's Comics, and other retailers; while Australian customers can purchase from Galaxy Bookshop.

Doctor Who
A look at Big Finish's audio dramas for Doctor Who event "Time Lord Victorious", courtesy Big Finish.

He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not by Carrie Thompson

On the desert world of Atharna, the Doctor's life is about to be changed forever. Looking to visit one of the Seven Hundred Wonders of the Universe, the Doctor is quickly embroiled in a web of deceit. Worse than that, this Wonder of the Universe is missing, leading the Doctor to encounter one of his most dangerous and duplicitous adversaries. The Doctor is about to meet Brian.

Doctor Who
A look at Big Finish's audio dramas for Doctor Who event "Time Lord Victorious", courtesy Big Finish.

The Enemy of My Enemy by Tracy Ann Baines

The people of Wrax are happy to begin peaceful negotiations with the Dalek Empire. The two species are preparing to engage in an alliance that will last throughout the ages. The only one who seems to object to this happy union is the Doctor. He knows that you can never trust the Daleks. But more than that, he knows that the Wraxians should never have existed…

Doctor Who
A look at Big Finish's audio dramas for Doctor Who event "Time Lord Victorious", courtesy Big Finish.

Mutually Assured Destruction by Lizzie Hopley

The fallout of the great battle. Outnumbered and alone, on a Dalek time-ship careering through the vortex, the Doctor must use all his cunning to survive. As the saucer disintegrates around them, the Doctor is trapped with a crew of increasingly desperate Daleks. Or are the Daleks trapped with him?

Doctor Who
A look at Big Finish's audio dramas for Doctor Who event "Time Lord Victorious", courtesy Big Finish.

Doctor Who: Short Trips – "Master Thief" by Sophie Iles

The Master wants to plunder one of the most secure vaults in the universe, the Repository. He's got a plan, and a deadly new weapon to assist him. However, as the Master quickly discovers, getting in might be easy, but getting away with it might cost him everything.

Doctor Who: Short Trips – "Lesser Evils" by Simon Guerrier

The Kotturuh have arrived on the planet Alexis to distribute the gift of the death to its inhabitants. The only person standing in their way is a renegade Time Lord, who has sworn to protect the locals. A Time Lord called the Master…

doctor who
The covers to The Knight, The Fool and The Dead by Steve Cole and Una McCormack's novel All Flesh is Grass, courtesy of BBC Books.

Last month, BBC Books announced that October 2020 will bring the release of the novel The Knight, The Fool and The Dead by Steve Cole, followed in December 2020 with Una McCormack's novel All Flesh is Grass (with both novels available for pre-order). Big Finish Productions and BBC Books are just two of the many companies partnering for this epic tale of the Time Lords, including Penguin Random House, Doctor Who Magazine, Titan Comics, Escape Hunt, and Eaglemoss Hero Collector, Immersive Everywhere, Maze Theory, and BBC Audio.

Viewers familiar with the end of the Tenth Doctor's (David Tennant) run know the title "Time Lord Victorious"all too well: it was the title the Doctor bestowed upon himself in 2009's "The Waters of Mars." Raging against his inevitable end by decreeing that his status as the "last surviving" Time Lord and giving himself the right to remake the Laws of Time, the Doctor broke a fixed point in time by saving three people who weren't just supposed to die. They needed to die, resulting in survivor Adelaide Brooke (Lindsay Duncan) taking her own life in an attempt to set things right. Faced with the tragedy and selfish arrogance of his actions, the Doctor came to his senses and ended his brief reign as "Time Lord Victorious."

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