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"Doctor Who": Chris Chibnall Posts New 13th Doctor Short Story Online

Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall did his part to ease fans' fears and concerns over the growing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on Wednesday, posting a short story starring the Doctor that speaks of hardship, strength, and the "regenerative energy" inside each of us to get through these "strange times" (as Chibnall wrote in his accompanying letter). […]

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"Doctor Who": So Could Missy Actually Be The Master's Final Regeneration?

Doctor Who fans are obsessed with continuity, with where everything is supposed to fit and when. Ahead of this weekend's season finale, fans have been wondering where the latest Master (played delectably by Sacha Dhawan) fits in the timeline. The last time we saw the Master was in the final episode of Series 10, where […]

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"Doctor Who: The Collection" Season 26: Ace Returns! [TRAILER]

The BBC's official Doctor Who channel released a trailer for Doctor Who: The Collection – Season 26 Blu-Ray and DVD box set, featuring Sophie Aldred as the 7th Doctor's (Sylvester McCoy) companion Ace. All companions who leave or are left behind tend to carry an air of melancholy about them. They always wait in hope that […]

'Doctor Who': The 12th Doctor's Flawed but Ambitious Run [BC Rewind]

Steven Moffat's run on Doctor Who with Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor might be the oddest, flawed, and most ambitious period of the show since its return in 2005. Television shows tend to become an extension of the showrunners' interests and sensibilities, none more than Doctor Who. In casting Capaldi as The Doctor, Moffat […]

John Simm To Return To Doctor Who As The Master

Can season 10 of Doctor Who server two Masters? They want to give it a go it seems as John Simm, the Master who played opposite of David Tennant's Tenth Doctor will be returning to battle with Peter Capaldi's Twelfth. And that's to go with the already announced return of Michelle Gomez as Missy, the […]

Quentin Tarantino And Paul Thomas Anderson Praise 70mm Presentation

In a forty-minute talk with Deadline's Peter Hammond, directors Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson discuss their use of 70mm film in their recent projects and their love of celluloid. Tarantino refers to the popular interest in 70mm as "film's last stand." With Anderson's The Master, distributor The Weinstein Company began installing 70mm projectors in […]

Death In Heaven – Official BBC Trailer

The BBC has released the trailer for the season finale of Doctor Who – Death in Heaven. We get the Master-now-Mistress, Cybermen walking the streets of London and the return of Unit. It will be interesting to see if some of the strange behavior we've seen from both the Doctor and Clara this season will […]

Doctor Who, The Master And A Speculative Spoiler

The following article is a mixture of speculation, of guesswork, of sources and of gossip. It may be completely wrong. But if correct, it would be one hell of a Doctor Who spoiler. So, consider yourself completely and utterly warned if you take one more step.