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A look at Big Finish's audio dramas for Doctor Who event "Time Lord Victorious", courtesy Big Finish.

Doctor Who: Big Finish Reveals Time Lord Victorious Audio Dramas Info

Less than a month after BBC Books announced their contributions to BBC Studios' upcoming massive multi-platform event "Time Lord Victorious," Big Finish has stepped up to announce their role in the 12-week immersive experience Paul McGann returns as the Eighth Doctor in a trilogy of full-cast audio drama adventures, facing off against his sworn enemies,[...]

Doctor Who cover from Big Finish

Doctor Who Audio Drama Ranges Revamped By Big Finish Productions

Big Finish has been producing original Doctor Who audio dramas for more than 20 years now After the original show went off the air on the BBC, the gap was filled by original and slightly more adult-oriented novels published by Virgin Books and new audio dramas produced by Big Finish The production company began with[...]

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"Doctor Who": "Watch" Russell T Davies' "Rose" Sequel Audio Drama Here!

Davies / Produced by Emily Cook / Music by Joe KraemerSpecial thanks to Big Finish Productions & Richard Atkinson[caption id="attachment_1185327" align="alignnone" width="2000"] BBC[/caption]Here's a look at Davies' letter to the prequel he posted earlier today: This was never meant to exist.Way back, maybe early 2013, Tom Spilsbury, the editor of Doctor Who Magazine, asked me if[...]

“Doctor Who”: Big Finish To Produce “Lost” Cyberman Story From Tom Baker Era As Audio Drama

"Doctor Who": Big Finish Teases "Lost" Tom Baker/Cybermen Story Adapt

That story might be apocryphal, entertaining as it is. "Doctor Who": Classic Spooky Cybermen According to the Radio Times, Big Finish unearthed Davis’ original script and made the decision to produce it as an audio drama The production will be included as part of the “Lost Stories” line of titles."I’d known of Return of the Cybermen for[...]

“The Diaries of River Song Series 06” is Fan Service at its Purest [Review]

"The Diary of River Song: Series Six": Fan Service at Its Purest [SPOILER REVIEW]

Big Finish Productions released the latest “season” or “box set” of Doctor Who spinoff The Diary of River Song this week Alex Kingston's River Song is a character so limitless in potential that the writers are just giddy with where they can take her She’s a character who literally can go anywhere and do anything,[...]

Doctor Who cover from Big Finish

"Doctor Who": Big Finish Livestreaming 20 Hours of Audio Dramas, More This Weekend

Big Finish Productions released a preview trailer of their 20th Anniversary livestream this weekend, with a 20-hour livestream on the official Doctor Who YouTube channel - with more than 20 episodes of Doctor Who audio dramas and related spinoffs will be in the stream This includes UNIT, Torchwood, The Gallifrey Chronicles, The Diary of River Song,[...]

Paul Darrow, Star of 'Blake's 7', Passes Away Aged 78

"Blake's 7," "Doctor Who" Actor Paul Darrow Passes Away, Age 78

Big Finish Productions has produced several new Blake’s 7 audio dramas in 2012 and Darrow was more than happy to play Avon on those.Last year, he was in Big Finish’s 40th anniversary production Blake’s 7: The Way Ahead. was possibly the final time he played Avon..[...]