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Doctor Who "Time Lord Victorious" spinoff series Daleks! key art for episode 3. (Image: BBC)
But it also means that it's time for the third chapter of the Doctor Who "Time Lord Victorious" crossover animated series Daleks! After last week's "The Sentinel of the Fifth Galaxy," the Doctor's sworn arch-enemies find their plans failing in the face of an unparalleled threat- so much so that they find themselves doing the unthinkable:[...]
Doctor Who spinoff series Daleks! returns this week (Image: BBC screencaps)
The third chapter of the Doctor Who "Time Lord Victorious" crossover animated series Daleks! is set to launch this Thursday, November 26, at 6 pm GMT (1 pm ET)- and it's happening not a moment too soon After last week's "The Sentinel of the Fifth Galaxy," the Doctor's sworn arch-enemies find their plans failing in[...]
02: The Sentinel of the Fifth Galaxy | DALEKS! | Doctor Who
Last week saw the release of the first episode in the Doctor Who "Time Lord Victorious" crossover animated series Daleks!, with the Doctor's sworn arch-enemies facing something they've rarely faced before (aside from the Doctor): an enemy that could wipe them from existence But just when things look lost, could a new, grand plan turn the[...]
Episode 2 Preview | DALEKS! | Doctor Who
Last week saw the release of the first episode in the Doctor Who "Time Lord Victorious" crossover animated series Daleks!, and by the time the dust settled on the first of the series' 10-minute episodes? Well, let's just say that the Doctor's sworn arch-enemies have run into the one thing they never expected: a force that could[...]
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Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious #2 continues the story of a Doctor and Dalek team-up, written by Jody Houser, drawn by Roberta Ingranata, colored by Enrica Eren Angiolini with flatters Shari Chankhamma and Sabrina Del Gross, and letterer Richard Starkings of Comicraft The first issue felt incredibly light on story, but the beautiful artwork made it an enjoyable read[...]
01: The Archive of Islos | DALEKS! | Doctor Who
The good stuff kept coming on Thursday with the release of the first episode of the "Time Lord Victorious" crossover animated series Daleks! In the five, 10-minute episodes storyline "The Archive of Islos," the Daleks find themselves in a position they are very rarely in: desperate and on the run from a force that could[...]
DALEKS! Release Date Trailer | Doctor Who
Only hours after Doctor Who fans were treated to a preview of the upcoming "Time Lord Victorious" crossover animated series Daleks!, we now know when the "exterminating" will begin In a release date trailer previewing the series, viewers learned that the five, 10-minute episodes that make up "The Archive of Islos" will premiere on November[...]
DALEKS! First Look Clip | Doctor Who
Less than a month after it was revealed that the Doctor's greatest enemy would be getting their own animated series stemming from the massive multimedia "Time Lord Victorious" crossover, Doctor Who fans were given their first extended look at Daleks! at New York Comic Con-Metaverse Set to launch this November, the five, 10-minute episodes that[...]
Was Rassilon Originally Female? Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious Says So
Monstrous Beauty is by Scott Gray and John Ross and is published as a stand-alone glossy magazine within DWM. Could a Commander Rassilon, as opposed to an engineer and architect Rassilon, be part of the changes in the timeline being brought about by Time Lord Victorious? One that wipes out the Time War entirely? Doctor Who Magazine #556[...]
The Ninth Doctor Joins Time Lord Victorious in Doctor Who Magazine
We've been keeping a beady eye on the Doctor Who multi-media crossover Time Lord Victorious The Doctor Who comic book has seen The Tenth Doctor join with the Prime Statagist Dalek against the ancient race The Hond, determined to wipe out all life – including Daleks and eventually its own The Doctor Who Annual also[...]
Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious #1 Review:
Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious sees writer Jody Houser, from a story by James Goss, team up with Robyn Hood and Witchblade artist Roberta Ingranata to team up the Tenth Doctor with a Dalek on a mission from the Dalek Emperor It's a high concept Who comic with great potential, so let's see how it plays out. Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious[...]
Preview of Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious #2 Comic - Dalek Vs Hond
Bleeding Cool has been repeatedly covering the current Doctor Who multi-media crossover, Time Lord Victorious, including comics, books, audio, toys, immersive experience and cartoons We now have a look ahead at the second and final comic book, Doctor Who: Defender Of The Daleks part two by Jody Houser and Roberta Ingranata going to Final Order Cut-Off[...]
BBC Launches A New Doctor Who Daleks Animated Series With Joe Sugg
As part of the multi-media Doctor Who crossover Time Lord Victorious, the BBC has just announced a new Daleks animated series called, Daleks! launching in November for Doctor Who's birthday This is the final announced chapter in the Time Lord Victorious crossover that began with the Doctor Who comic book, continued with the Doctor Who[...]
Time Lord Victorious Revealed In Doctor Who Annual 2021 (Spoilers)
Today's Doctor Who Annual 2021 from the BBC reveals much about the upcoming Time Lord Victorious multi-media extravaganza It also reveals some of what we read in the Doctor Who comic Defender Of The Daleks yesterday – what is of note and what is not.  For example, there is no mention of The Hond, it[...]
The Full Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious Checklist
As seen in yesterday's Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious: Defender Of The Daleks #1 comic book from Titan Comics, the full checklist of the multi-media Time Lord Victorious crossover We had the YouTube Dalek teaser two days ago, the comic book yesterday and the BBC Doctor Who Annual 2021 today and then… a little wait.   September[...]
Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious So Far (Spoilers)
Whether that's Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious, Erangel, Pokemon or if Tim Drake should be Robin again or not The Daily Lying In The Gutters, remains a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Art from Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious. Time Lord[...]
Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious So Far (Spoilers)
Last night, a teaser trailer to the multi-media crossover series Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious aired, showing a beaten and battered Dalek floating in space… A Dalek Awakens… …stating that it had to warn the universe about the Doctor This tied into a teaser Bleeding Cool ran yesterday featuring the Doctor and a beaten-up Dalek as[...]
The Biggest, Baddest Spoilers for The Walking Dead #192
Tomorrow sees the release of the comic book Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious #1 published by Titan Comics, kicking off a host of Time Lord Victorious multi-media tie-ins, including novels, audio stories, comics, annuals, toys, games and interactive experiences It is very likely that most comic book stores (save for Forbidden Planet in London of[...]
Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious Immersive Tie-In Scheduled February
A lot of people presumed that the Doctor Who: Time Fracture, a new immersive theatrical event planned for this autumn, and tying into the multi-platform Doctor Who event Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious would not be going ahead, due to the current global situation Turns out it's just being delayed until February. Doctor Who: Time Fracture,[...]
Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious FOC Today, Will Stores Order Enough?
Today is the last day that retailers can amend their order the first issue of the upcoming Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious comic book series from Titan Comics It may be a bigger deal than some comic book stores may have realised though It is a multi-media crossover, publishing from September 2020 to January 2021,[...]
Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious Begins - Thank FOC It's Friday
Welcome to Time Lord Victorious: Thank FOC It's Friday Planned to coincide and cover the demands of Final Order Cut Off at Diamond Comic Distributors And now UCS and Lunar as well Of course, in these times, so much of this is up in the air.  There's a lot of product coming through that needs[...]
Doctor Who: Timelord Victorious SDCC Panel Talks Cross-Platform Plans
Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious is arguably the most ambitious publishing venture for Doctor Who, across various medium short of television Titan Publishing brought a panel together to lay out precisely what it is at San Diego Comic Con@home The panel was moderated by Andrew Sumner, Executive Vice President of Titan, and David Leach, Senior[...]
Life Is Strange Gets New Series in Titan Comics October 2020 Solicits
Oh and more Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious as well… TV/FILM #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ BLADE RUNNER 2019 #5-8 SYD MEAD VIRGIN PACK Writers: Michael Green, Mike Johnson Artist: Andres Guinaldo Cover Artist: Syd Mead FC • 4*32pp • $15.99 On Sale October 7,[...]
Time Lord Victorious in Titan Comics September 2020 Solicitations
Titan Comics has let out all its September 2020 solicitations, including the beginning of a truly multi-platform crossover for Doctor Who – Time Lord Victorious. Oh and we even have a Philosophy of Spider-Man and a history of Marvel and… hey, is this Tutan's solicitations or Marvel's? DOCTOR WHO: TIME LORD VICTORIOUS #1 (OF 2) Writer: Jody Houser Artists:[...]
Doctor Who Vs The Daleks – Time Lord Victorious Begins in September
Titan Comics announced today its involvement in BBC Studios multi-platform Doctor Who story Time Lord Victorious, launching two over-sized comic issues which will debut on September the 2nd, 2020 Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious #1 will feature both Tenth Doctor and the return of the Doctor's most iconic enemy, the Daleks, to comic books. Doctor Who[...]
A look at Big Finish's audio dramas for Doctor Who event "Time Lord Victorious", courtesy Big Finish.
Less than a month after BBC Books announced their contributions to BBC Studios' upcoming massive multi-platform event "Time Lord Victorious," Big Finish has stepped up to announce their role in the 12-week immersive experience Paul McGann returns as the Eighth Doctor in a trilogy of full-cast audio drama adventures, facing off against his sworn enemies,[...]
Nearly two weeks after BBC Studios announced the massive multi-platform event "Time Lord Victorious" would be launching in September 2020, BBC Books announced their contributions to the 12-week immersive experience October 2020 brings the release of the novel The Knight, The Fool and The Dead by Steve Cole, followed in December 2020 with Una McCormack's[...]
The Doctor and Adelaide disagree about his decisions, courtesy of BBC Studios.
As if global rewatches, live-tweeting, and original content being released around their favorite episodes wasn't enough, Doctor Who fans were treated to the news on Monday that BBC Studios will be launching the multi-platform story "Time Lord Victorious" later this year The massive, immersive experience will launch in September 2020 and run over a 12-week[...]