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Doctor Who: Eccleston Returns for 2nd Series of Big Finish Audio
Big Finish Productions announced today that the second series of  Doctor Who – The Ninth Doctor Adventures starring Christopher Eccleston, will be released throughout 2022 and into 2023.  Last year, Big Finish announced the 9th Doctor's return to Doctor Who, with his inaugural series of full-cast audio dramas currently delighting audiences and critics alike Now, Christopher[...]
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With Christopher Eccleston's return as the Ninth Doctor in a series of new Doctor Who audio dramas set for next month, Big Finish has a rather interesting follow-up to their release of the official audio trailer/preview for Doctor Who – The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Ravagers In the clip below, Eccleston answers a number of questions[...]
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Earlier this month, Doctor Who fans learned the details behind Christopher Eccleston's return as the Ninth Doctor in a series of new audio dramas from Big Finish Now, they're getting a chance to hear Eccleston himself in the just-released trailer for Doctor Who – The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Ravagers. Set to release in May 2021, the audio[...]
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Doctor Who fans have been buzzing with excitement ever since word came down that Christopher Eccleston would be returning as the Ninth Doctor in a series of new audio dramas, and now Big Finish is offering some serious intel on what fans can expect and how to get their hands on it Set to release[...]
Doctor Who: Big Finish Celebrates Female Producers
Davies' first-ever 1985 Doctor Who script "Mind of the Hodiac" finding new life. Big Finish Ear, producers of Doctor Who audio dramas Jac Rayner, who has worked with Big Finish from its inception, said: "At the moment I'm working with a fantastic close community of writers developing the Sixth Doctor adventures and it's so much fun[...]
Christopher Eccleston, the Doctor Who Got Away, Returns in Audio
To the surprise and joy of fans, he will play the 9th Doctor once again, for Big Finish audio dramas later this year- and now we have the details. "Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Adventures – The Ravagers" key art courtesy of Big Finish Doctor Who – The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Ravagers is a full-cast audio drama box[...]
DC Comics to Become Audio Drama Podcasts Through Spotify
So that the likes of Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, the Joker and Harley Quinn may have audio dramas as podcasts Marvel Comics has recently entered this field, and the likes of Dirk Maggs has been doing such for BBC Radio 4 for decades The shows will be available free. In addition to producing all-new series based[...]
A look at Big Finish's audio dramas for Doctor Who event "Time Lord Victorious", courtesy Big Finish.
In addition, Doctor Who: Short Trips will feature two of the Master's incarnations in two separate audio dramas, narrated by Jon Culshaw. The Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Doctors, and Rose Tyler are set to be a part of Time Lord Victorious, courtesy of Big Finish and others. McGann's three stories will be released between October and December[...]
Skybound Entertainment, Audible Sign Multi-Year Exclusive Audio Drama Deal
We are thrilled to be in business with these visionary creators and look forward to serving up new programming to our audience in the near future." – Rachel Ghiazza, SVP-Content Acquisition and Development, Audible Audible's deal with Skybound isn't the company's first move into audio dramas: earlier this year, Audible secured a multi-year deal with producer Broadway[...]
Doctor Who Series 12 Hiatus Hijinks: What to Watch While We Wait…And Wait
version) can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Brand New Drunk History – The Season 3 Trailer | Comedy Central ( If Nothing But Doctor Who Will Do Big Finish Doctor Who Audio Dramas: Want to experience new adventures with your favorite Doctor? Experience new companions with former Doctors? Check out the Big Finish audio dramas[...]