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The Safe Man: Bosch Creator Michael Connelly Previews his Audio Drama
Bestselling author Michael Connelly is best known for his crime novels and the expanding "Bosch" television universe, and The Safe Man is his first foray into audio drama The 2012 story was originally written for an anthology where authors were briefed to write a story not in the genres they were known for, and Connelly[...]
The Safe Man: Bosch Creator Michael Connelly Previews his Audio Drama
Michael Connelly, the creator of the Bosch series of books – and now television series and spinoffs – is venturing into the realm of audio drama with the Audible adaptation of his 2012 short story The Safe Man The story is Connelly's first (and so far, only) foray into the supernatural – where a reclusive[...]
I've Become a True Villianess: Webcomic is Getting an Audio Drama
I've Become A True Villainess, the popular "romantasy" by Flowing HonEy from webcomic and webnovel platform Manta is getting an audio drama series adaptation in a groundbreaking collaboration with Meet Cute, a leading fiction podcast production studio Scheduled to debut on June 11th across all major podcasting platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify, this collaboration marks[...]
Doctor Who: The Last Day Ends The 7th Doctor’s Story, With a Problem
Now Big Finish will be bringing out a box set of audio dramas that at least features his final adventures before the 1996 TV movie where he regenerated into Paul McGann. "Doctor Who – The Seventh Doctor Adventures: The Last Day" cover art: Big Finish At the start of the TV Movie, the Seventh Doctor collected the Master's[...]
Bosch Creator Connelly's New Audio Drama Stars Welliver, Jack Quaid
He has also written short stories that introduced other characters, and now one of them, The Safe Man, has been recorded as an audio drama from Audible starring Bosch star Titus Welliver and The Boys' Jack Quaid. "The Safe Man" by "Bosch" creator Michael Connelly, key art: Audible In The Safe Man, professional thief Brian Holloway (Jack[...]
Doctor Who: Christopher Eccleston Won’t Play The Doctor on TV Again
After all, he's returned to play the Ninth Doctor in Big Finish audio dramas. The Man Who Fell to Earth will be streaming on BBC Radio 4 when it's released. To many fans, Christopher Eccleston will always be Doctor Who, and now he's about to star in another Science Fiction classic: a new BBC Radio 4 adaptation[...]
Doctor Who: Alex Kingston Returns as River Song in Big Finish Audio
She's been headlining a River Song series in audio dramas from Big Finish for years since she had her final story on Doctor Who Now she will star in The Death and Life of River Song, a brand-new series of full-cast audio dramas coming soon from Big Finish Productions It's like a whole new season[...]
BBC Gets Over 1,000 Lost Radio Plays, Including from Major Writers
The US has only just rediscovered audio drama in the 2000s and is practically reinventing the wheel in producing them as streamable podcasts Many major British playwrights and screenwriters got their start writing radio plays for the BBC It has been a training ground for new writers for generations, and some of their radio plays[...]
Third Eye: Felicia Day’s Magic Sauce in Audio Comedy is Snarky Comedy
This brings up how audio drama podcasts have evolved since they were reintroduced in America just over a decade ago Podcasts in the US have mostly been nonfiction talk shows, the most popular centred on True Crime Radio drama and comedies died out in the 1950s when television came along, with minor exceptions like the[...]
Buffyverse Nights with a Double Bill of Slayers and Third Eye
All you need to do is close your eyes and listen to the new audio drama podcast series Slayers: A Buffyverse Story and Third Eye. "Slayers", a Buffyverse series, Image: Audible In case you didn't know, Slayers is a new authorized audio drama series produced by Audible set in the Buffyverse It's written by Amber Benson (who[...]
Doctor Who: Doom’s Day Final Chapter Shows How Pointless the Series is
So she has spent the last twenty-four hours going through Space and Time, from prose to comics to audiobook stories to mediocre phone games to a prose novel to a full-cast Big Finish audio drama and now back to prose again Does she survive? Does this series stick the landing? Well… sort of. "Doctor Who: Doom's[...]
doctor who
Davies's three-episode Doctor Who 60th Anniversary special event set to hit our screens in November, Big Finish is nearing the endgame to its eight-episode full-cast audio drama adventure Doctor Who – Once and Future – but there's still a ton more action & intrigue on the way How soon? How about today, with Doctor Who[...]
Mindraker: Background Anger Creator & Star on Radio Dramas & More
The two spoke with Bleeding Cool on a variety of subjects, including their relationship, how Schemmel compares recording voiceovers with audio dramas and audiobooks, and more. Cr: Spiral Opus Audio The Cerebral World of 'Mindraker' Bleeding Cool: What's the inspiration behind 'Mindraker?' Burdine: As an artist and working in animation, and even since I was a teenager, I've always[...]
doctor who
Davies have in store for the three-episode 60th anniversary Doctor Who special event, we're also getting a chance to preview what Big Finish Productions has been up to with its eight-episode full-cast audio drama adventure Doctor Who – Once and Future Kicking off in the middle of The Time War, an injured Doctor is being[...]
David Tennant Returns as Luther Arkwright in New Big Finish Audio
He first voiced Luther Arkwright in the first Big Finish audio drama adaptation of The Adventures of Luther Arkwright in 2005, back when he was an unknown and was playing supporting roles and bit parts in Big Finish productions Luther Arkwright was one of his first big leading role jobs, albeit in audio "There was[...]
Zero Tolerance: Hilary Swank Stars In Audible Original Drama
Starting this August and continuing through 2024, all three scripted audio drama releases will be available exclusively on Audible. Co-written by author Patterson and Duane Swierczynski, the new Audible Original Zero Tolerance, starring Swank, debuts Thursday, August 24th on Audible The audio drama also stars Christine Ko, Melonie Diaz, and a full cast. Credit: Audible Sergeant Jo Barnes (Swank)[...]
The Lesser Dead Launches on All Podcast Platforms, Includes BTS Audio
The Lesser Dead, an uncompromising horror audio drama podcast series, is now available for free on all podcast platforms The official launch includes behind-the-scenes episodes featuring interviews with the cast, writers, and makers of the series to reveal the thinking behind the 1970s-set urban vampire tale. "The Lesser Dead" key art: Echoverse The Lesser Dead is an immersive[...]
the flash
& DC have the six-episode audio drama podcast The Flash: Escape the Midnight Circus speeding your way The first-ever podcast for the iconic DC character has an original, standalone storyline featuring Barry Allen, aka The Flash (Max Greenfield; The Neighborhood, New Girl), Iris West, and other characters from the DC universe. Image: DC Screencap Along with an official[...]
Doctor Who: Doom’s Day Keeps the Show's Satirical British Sci-Fi Vibe
We'll probably get a greater sense of Doom's personality when we hear Kempner play her in the upcoming audio drama chapters of Doctor Who: Doom's Day. We Need to Care about Doom – and So Far, We Don't This brings us back to the dubious prospect of following Doctor Who: Doom's Day across different media[...]
Doctor Who: Doom’s Day Keeps the Show's Satirical British Sci-Fi Vibe
It's the most ambitious, hopping between prose stories on the official show's website, the Doctor Who comic, Big Finish audio drama, and prose books You can read the first chapter of the story in prose form on the official Doctor Who website. "Doctor Who: Doom's Day" key art: BBC Doctor Who: Doom's Day Hour One is written[...]
The Lesser Dead: Star Jack Kilmer Talks About Vampire Podcast Drama
It unsettles and disturbs, and unlike most audio dramas, it leaves a lingering disquiet. The Lesser Dead is now available on the usual podcast platforms. The Lesser Dead is the latest drama podcast series to stake a claim in the horror genre There have been crime thrillers, Science Fiction, and dramas – some that dip their[...]
Doctor Who: Redacted is Fun, Relevant and the Show We Need Right Now
Right…? James Goss is a prolific writer and producer of many Doctor Who audio dramas at Big Finish Productions, whose work is known for its wit and inventiveness However, this is a terrible look for the BBC For the BBC to replace the female LGBTQ producer of a drama featuring LGBTQ women as the leads with[...]
doctor who
But as we learned last November, Big Finish Porductions is stepping up in a big way with the eight-episode full-cast audio drama adventure Doctor Who – Once and Future Kicking off in May 2023, the story begins in The Time War as an injured Doctor is being cared to at a field hospital when he[...]
With the second season of audio drama action already available to stream, HBO Max has been rolling out the first season of DC's Batman: The Audio Adventures for free on YouTube, and we have the first five chapters to pass along Created by Dennis McNicholas (Saturday Night Live) and presented in the style of an[...]
Splinter Cell: Firewall: BBC Audio Drama Series, Debuts December 2nd
Sam and Sarah must call on their very singular set of skills to neutralize Gordian Sword and stop the weapon from falling into the wrong hands – at any cost…" The audio drama adaptation is written by Sebastian Baczkiewicz and Paul Cornell, each writing four episodes The audio drama version of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Firewall[...]
Splinter Cell: Firewall: BBC Audio Drama Series, Debuts December 2nd
That's right, while fans of the Splinter Cell video games are waiting for a new game in the series and getting a remake of the first game from Ubisoft, everyone will be getting an audio drama series of a new story from a novel that's free without the need to get killed failing at a[...]
Doctor Who  Once and Future: Audio Drama Celebrates 60th Anniversary
Big Finish marks the 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who with a mammoth eight-part full-cast audio drama series beginning in May 2023. Doctor Who: Once and Future stars Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, and David Tennant, with dozens more guest casts still to be revealed. Image: Big Finish Screencap "There will never come a[...]
"Dark Season" audiobook key art: Big Finish
Now Davies is bringing Dark Season back as an audio drama sequel from Big Finish with the original cast back, including Kate Winslet. "Dark Season" audiobook key art: Big Finish Dark Season had a total of six episodes on television about a Scooby Gang of three teenagers caught in a plot to enslave the human race, masterminded by[...]