Doctor Who: Did Elon Musk Just Spoil Russell T Davies' Daleks Plan?!

We all know the deal. The Doctor (Jodie Whittaker), Yaz (Mandip Gill), and Dan (John Bishop). This Fall. "Centenary Special." Master (Sacha Dhawan), Ace (Sophie Aldred), and Tegan (Janet Fielding) return. The final episode for Whittaker and showrunner Chris Chibnall. Then Russell T. Davies returns as showrunner. New Doctor. Fall 2023. Possibly specials beforehand. See how easy it was to summarize about a dozen articles into slightly less than three lines of text? But even with a new series of adventures with a new Doctor still well over a year away, did someone already spoil how The Doctor's deadliest enemy. The Daleks, will look under new management? And is that "someone" none other than… "Mr. Twitter" Elon Musk? Actually? No. But when Musk tweeted an image from Starbase of some rocket engines, there was no way we could look at it and not think that we were viewing an early prototype of what would become one of the universe's biggest nightmares. And then we started thinking about Musk as Davros, which brought about the image below (you're welcome), and then we just decided to go all-in on the joke. So for the sake of this joke, we're going with the premise that Musk is actually the Daleks' creator but he's looking to keep that a secret until the time is right to strike at The Doctor once again (because we have active imaginations).

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Now you're probably asking yourselves, "Why would Mr. Twitter voluntarily put the evidence of his nefarious deeds out in the open like that for the public to see?" And I would argue that that's the very reason he did it. Because most people will never suspect the obvious or the thing that's right in front of their face. Until it's screeching, "Exterminate!" and chasing you down the block. But for now, we'll play along and share with you a look at those "Raptor 2 rocket engines" (wink-wink, nudge-nudge):

Now here's a look at the first teaser for the "Centenary Special" premiering this fall, followed by a look at Chibnall discussing the end of his run, if he would ever return, why Davies taking over is a good moves, and more:

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