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And then we started thinking about Musk as Davros, which brought about the image below (you're welcome), and then we just decided to go all-in on the joke So for the sake of this joke, we're going with the premise that Musk is actually the Daleks' creator but he's looking to keep that a secret[...]
Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who – The Magician's Apprentice (SPOILERS)
Davros survives They just do Until, you know, she doesn't Why should this moment be any more final than the last one? Or Clara's? Note her finery for tea service continues, it won't be the only Mary Poppins moment we get this episode Also, I know a writer who said he could never write for[...]
"I See Into Your Soul Doctor…" – Teaser Trailer For Doctor Who Series 8
The BBC have posted a new teaser trailer for Doctor Who Season 8 where we get to see a little deeper into Peter Capaldi's version of The Doctor and hear what seems to be a somewhat familiar voice… at least it sounds like Davros to me. Season 8 debuts Saturday August 23rd. [youtube]http://youtu.be/LbX4tNG_k3s[/youtube] [...]