Doctor Who Star, Writer Could See the TARDIS in This Actor's Future

Move over, Noel Clarke. Looks like your old Doctor Who co-star John Barrowman (Capt. Jack) and writer Russell T. Davies are in agreement over who would make a great "next Doctor"- and the choice would be another first. First, just to make something clear? While Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole have left the show after "Revolution of the Daleks," the abbreviated eight-episode Series 13 sees Yaz (Mandip Gill) returning with newly-introduced companion Dan (John Bishop) and Jodie Whittaker's Doctor still helming the TARDIS. But because this is why we can't have nice things anymore, the social media speculation has already ramped up with the assumption that the upcoming series will be Whittaker's last so folks are already trying to cast her replacement.

Doctor Who speculation continues. (Images: Channel 4/BBC America)
Doctor Who speculation continues. (Images: Channel 4/BBC America)

Putting aside our personal feelings on how it's feeling especially disrespectful this time around (maybe because we have an issue with the BBC show getting so caught up in celebrating that they cast the first female Doctor that they forgot to actually do right by her during her run), Barrowman believes It's A Sin star Olly Alexander would be an excellent casting decision. Asked about it on ITV daytime talk show Lorraine, Barrowman said he thought the actor "would be amazing, and I think he would make a wonderful Doctor." The casting would mark another first for the series, following up the casting of the first woman in the lead role with the casting of the first openly gay actor.

Davies couldn't agree more, having cast Alexander in his upcoming Channel 4 limited series exploring the AIDS crisis of the 1980s on a personal level (and finds Alexander's character working of a Doctor Who set in the series). Speaking with SFX recently, Davies knew he was wading into clickbait territory when asked about Alexander's potential future as the Doctor but still threw his support behind his It's A Sin star. "Oh stop it! This'll just be all the headlines. You just want SFX headlines everywhere," Davies responded. "Yes, Olly would make a marvellous Doctor Who. You tart! You enormous tart! The trouble this causes! They'll be banging his door, his agent will be saying, 'What have you done now…' On your own head be it."

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