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"Doctor Who": BBC Offers Fans Series 12 "Big Moments" Recap [VIDEO]

You knew this was coming. It was inevitable, really. Another Doctor Who compilation video on the show's official YouTube Channel. This time it's the "Series 12 Best of Moments" – and it's less than four minutes long! That's a bit of a surprise. It's like a quick flash with some commentary from showrunner Chris Chibnall […]

"Doctor Who": Chris Chibnall Posts New 13th Doctor Short Story Online

Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall did his part to ease fans' fears and concerns over the growing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on Wednesday, posting a short story starring the Doctor that speaks of hardship, strength, and the "regenerative energy" inside each of us to get through these "strange times" (as Chibnall wrote in his accompanying letter). […]

"Doctor Who": The REAL Revelations of "The Timeless Children" [OPINION]

BBC's Doctor Who sparked off a storm of debate and hand-wringing amongst fans in the Series 12 finale "The Timeless Children". It was one of those "everything you knew was wrong!" types of retcons that are the vogue for Science Fiction and superhero stories these days. Love it or hate it, the new lore is […]

“Doctor Who”: Could We Get a Ruth Doctor Spinoff? [Speculation]

"Doctor Who": Could We Get a "Ruth Doctor" Spinoff? [OPINION]

The biggest surprise of Doctor Who Series 12 was not the reappearance of Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman). It wasn't even the revelation of the Timeless Child. No, the biggest shock was the reveal of a secret, previously unknown Doctor. This Doctor is linked to the secret of the Timeless Child. Neither she nor the […]

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"Doctor Who": Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole May Not Be "Gone" Gone After All [UPDATE]

This is getting fun! Less than a day after the Daily Mirror reported that Doctor Who stars Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole's Graham and Ryan were set to depart after the upcoming special "Revolution of the Daleks" (expected late 2020/early 2021 holiday season), the Radio Times adds a little "nuance" to the report. Mandip Gill's […]

Tonight's Doctor Who Rewrites The Entire History Of The Show (Spoilers)

Well… that was no Robots of Sherwood. We've all just seen the Doctor Who finale, The Timeless Children, over in the UK. And let's say, while it answered some questions it asked others, and left some important ones dangling, by rewriting the history of the Doctor – and the Time Lords entirely. We met Tecteun, […]

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"Doctor Who": So Could Missy Actually Be The Master's Final Regeneration?

Doctor Who fans are obsessed with continuity, with where everything is supposed to fit and when. Ahead of this weekend's season finale, fans have been wondering where the latest Master (played delectably by Sacha Dhawan) fits in the timeline. The last time we saw the Master was in the final episode of Series 10, where […]

Mindless Speculation: Could the BBC Announce a Major Doctor Who Change Next Weekend?

Mindless Speculation: Will the BBC Announce a Major Doctor Who Change? (UPDATE: NOPE)

Tonight sees the penultimate episode of this season of Doctor Who – Ascension Of The Cybermen, ahead of next weekend's The Timeless Children. Big things are expected, a return of The Master, of the Fugitive Doctor, what happened with Gallifrey, why the Master said everything the Doctor believed was a lie, what the Lone Cybermen was doing, […]

“Doctor Who”: BBC Collects The Cybermen’s Appearances [Video]

"Doctor Who" Offers Tour of Cybermen Upgrades Over the Years [VIDEO]

Marketing synergy: that's why the BBC knows what to do with Doctor Who now. Since the Cybermen are the baddies in the 2-part season finale starting this Sunday ("Ascension of the Cybermen" and extended 65-minute wrap-up "The Timeless Children"), it was their turn to get the video treatment – and they get a lengthy one. […]

"Doctor Who" Series 12 "Ascension of the Cybermen" Upgrades with New Preview Images

For Doctor Who fans, it all… comes down… to this! Sorry, but we felt like a "summer movie blockbuster trailer" vibe was the right way to go heading into the first of the two-part Series 12 finale, "Ascension of the Cybermen" (followed by extended 65-minute wrap-up "The Timeless Children"). Between multi-Doctors, a "regenerated" Master, a […]