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Russell T Davies' Boys, On Channel 4 In 2021, Now Called It's A Sin
But then virtually every actor under the sun has been rumoured to be the next Doctor. Olly Alexander in "It's a Sin" – is he the next "Doctor Who"? Olly Alexander is as much of a rumour as Jo Martin or Eddie Izzard This is typical of how the media likes to jump on a high-profile Flavour[...]
Russell T Davies' Its A Sin Breaks All 4 Streaming Records
It's A Sin, the recent Channel 4 drama by Russell T Davies, described as Queer As Folk meets Our Friends In The North, has some impressive statistics to share, and they are not just the usual ones. It's A Sin screencap Firstly, the show has gained 18.9 million views on their free streaming app All4 across five[...]
Russell T Davies' Its A Sin Breaks All 4 Streaming Records
We've mentioned Russell T Davies' new TV series It's A Sin on Channel 4, a kind-of cross between Queer As Folk and Our Friends In The North And delighted in its recreation of a scene from eighties Doctor Who for one of its characters to get cast as a bit part Channel 4 now reports[...]
Doctor Who speculation continues. (Images: Channel 4/BBC America)
(Images: Channel 4/BBC America) Putting aside our personal feelings on how it's feeling especially disrespectful this time around (maybe because we have an issue with the BBC show getting so caught up in celebrating that they cast the first female Doctor that they forgot to actually do right by her during her run), Barrowman believes It's[...]
It's a Sin key art poster (Image: HBO Max)
Davies (Doctor Who, Queer as Folk) over the past few weeks about his upcoming HBO Max Original and Channel 4 limited series It's a Sin– but on Monday, viewers got the chance to preview the series for themselves Set to debut all five episodes starting February 18 on the streaming service, It's a Sin is[...]
Russell T Davies Filmed New Doctor Who Dalek Scenes For "It's A Sin"
Queer As Folk especially had a lead character obsessed with the show, to the extent that rattling off the actors who had played the lead became a seduction technique, including the classic refrain "Paul McGann doesn't count". Which is how, in the 80s-set drama It's A Sin due to air on Channel 4 in ten days,[...]
Russell T Davies' Boys, On Channel 4 In 2021, Now Called It's A Sin
It's A Sin is Doctor Who's Russell T Davies' brand new 5-part drama for Channel 4, previously known as Boys (we thought there may have been an issue here) Taking the title from the Pet Shop Boys track from the time it is set, It's A Sin follows the story of the 1980s, the story[...]