Elias and Ezekiel Appear Together on Raw, Disprove Conspiracy Theories

Disproving conspiracy theories that they are actually the same person, Elias and Ezekiel appeared together on WWE Raw last night. The two brothers appeared on the same couch in a backstage segment before Elias's scheduled concert, which was interrupted by the increasingly-unhinged Kevin Owens, who has become obsessed with proving the outlandish conspiracy theory that Ezekiel is just Elias without his beard. Elias insulted Owens during his concert and smashed a guitar over him, resulting in Owens demanding another match with one of the brothers for next week's episode of Raw.

Elias and Ezekiel Appear Together on Raw, Disprove Conspiracy Theories

In the backstage segment featuring both brothers, Ezekiel expressed his admiration for Elias's musical talents. Elias, on the other hand, revealed that he has set aside his hellish ways and would not insult Lincoln, Nebraska, where WWE Raw took place last night, during his concert. Elias also said he was proud of his younger brother for what he'd accomplished as a WWE Superstar.

When Elias took to the ring, Owens immediately interrupted, accusing the brothers of using CGI in the previous segment. However, Ezekiel appeared on the Titantron to disabuse Owens of that notion. Elias then sang about how Owens is a liar, angering Owens and prompting him to attack. Elias got the upper hand in that battle and sent Owens fleeing backstage, where he demanded a match against Ezekiel, Elias, or their even younger brother, Elrod.

Ezekiel appeared at the end of Owens' backstage interview, irking Owens even more.

Later, in an online-exclusive interview, Elias addressed Owens, accusing him of having "lost his mind" and wanting to fight Elias's entire family. Elias bet on "my brother Zeke" to "get the job done" against Owens next week.

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