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Elon Musk Forces William Shatner to Question His Very Existence

William Shatner ("Star Trek") shared the deeply philosophical conundrum that was presented to him by the social media that Elon Musk prefers.

When it comes to Twitter/X (or whatever name it has by the time you read this) and how famous folks respond to the social media's overseer, Elon Musk, we can safely say that William Shatner ("Star Trek" franchise, TJ Hooker) appears to get along with Musk online – except during those moments when Shatner feels like Musk is messing around with Twitter/X a little too much. And that's when he wants answers – sometimes offering some not-so-friendly advice on how Musk & his team can do a better job keeping the social media service more safe & secure. Well, it looks like this week was the host to one of those moments – though Shatner appeared to take it in stride (or she's just gotten too numb to all of it by now). Apparently, during an attempt to get to his account on Wednesday, Shatner was met with a very heavy, very ominous message: "@WilliamShatner does not exist" (with "Try again" underneath).

Elon Musk Forces William Shatner to Question His Very Existence
Image: Paramount, SNL Screencap

Here's a look at Shatner's tweet/x sharing a screencap of the very nihilistic/existential (five bucks says we're using those phrases wrong) response that he received regarding his account on Wednesday:

Rick and Morty: One More Pop Culture Thing Elon Musk Doesn't Get

Earlier this month, Musk retweeted an Adult Swim video clip from Rick and Morty S01E09: "Something Ricked This Way Comes," which sees Rick and Summer getting juiced up and then beating the collective s**t out of The Devil during his presentation. It seems he was amused by it since he dropped a "lol," and we're guessing he retweeted it because it has the DMX song in it – he thinks there's some kind of symbolic connection there or some other nonsense like that. Here's a look at what Musk tweeted out, followed by a look at the clip in question – before we deep-dive into all of it…

Just for the sake of clarity, that's technically not the "full story" when it came to juiced-up Rick and Summer unleashing a serious societal smackdown. In the end credits scene, a neo-nazi, a schoolyard bully, a religious whackjob, and a dog abuser get some brutal justice at the hands (and feet and elbows and…) Rick and Summer. As you can see in the clip below, the message is that sometimes you have to offer hate-mongers a rough reminder that they're not welcome – instead of rolling out a metaphorical red carpet for them to spin their steaming piles of conspiracies as others have. But what's even odder is that Musk would even acknowledge the animated series after it made it clear in the fourth season that they would prefer it if our Earth had an alternate dimension Musk.

In Rick and Morty S04E03: "One Crew Over the Crewcoo's Morty" (directed by Bryan Newton and written by Caitie Delaney), our dimension-hopping duo enlists a "crew" to help them take down Heist-o-Tron in an episode that deconstructs heist films in all of the best ways possible. One person they enlist is Elon Tusk (more multiverse fun). Now, wouldn't Elon Tusk just end up being the same as our Musk, except for the tusks? Ahhh… the tusks are the key difference. Because in the episode, it's established that Elon Tusk has a stronger sense of personal humility than our variant because of the tusks. And if there's one thing that our Musk needs is a decent sense of humility & humbleness.

And then we see how well Elon Tusk takes orders and does his part to be a team player for the greater good (even if an occasional comment rubs Rick the wrong way), understanding that he's not "The Smartest Guy in The Room" in this situation. Yeah, we think it's pretty obvious that this was more of a "Wish List" Musk compared to what reality gave us. Of course, his siding up again with Rick and Morty might be a sign that he's "forgiven" Adult Swim for booting Justin Roiland – "the heart of the show," as he referred to him back at the beginning of the year:

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