Five (Other) Takeaways from Last Night's WWE Raw

You might not know it from all the uproar it caused, but Sasha Banks and Naomi walking out of WWE wasn't the only thing to happen on WWE Raw last night (though it was the most interesting by far). Here's five (other) takeaways from last night's WWE Raw.


It Turns Out Bobby Lashley Can Go Through Cages After All

Ahead of last night's WWE Raw, WWE promoted the cage match between Bobby Lashley and Omos with a graphic that showed both men phasing their heads through the cage. Bleeding Cool's El Presidente mocked the graphic as a botch, but was it actually foreshadowing? The match, which opened the show, ended with Omos tossing Lashley through the cage, giving Lashley the win. On another note, what is the purpose of a steel cage in WWE when A) it doesn't keep other wrestlers like Cedric Alexander from feuding and B) instead of locking two competitors inside to end a feud, the match is used to set up more matches later because one of the competitors escapes?

Liv Morgan is in the Bullet Club Now

Liv Morgan accompanied AJ Styles and Finn Balor to the ring for their match against Los Lotharios. Styles and Balor won the match, naturally, and Morgan joined them in exchanging "Too Sweet" hand signs after the match. It seems WWE is willing to do anything to put over Liv Morgan as a huge star… other than have her definitively win singles matches. There's a simpler way, WWE.

Meanwhile, Styles, Balor and Morgan seem to be bringing a trio to an eight-person tag feud.

The End of 50/50 Booking?

Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins are headed for a Hell in a Cell match, a promo between the two confirmed on WWE Raw last night. The match has to win with Rhodes winning if Rhodes' push is going to continue, and it has to continue, both because WWE spent so much money on him, and because they want to be able to sign more AEW stars in the future when their contracts are up. But that will mean Rollins will have lost to Rhodes three times in a row. The end of an era?

Asuka Will Take the Pin for Naomi at Hell in a Cell

Asuka defeated Becky Lynch in the match to decide Bianca Belair's next challenger for the Raw Women's Championship, which means it will be Asuka taking the pin at Hell in a Cell instead of Naomi. And so soon after her return too!

What the hell is the deal with Lacey Evans?

Lacey Evans seemed to be headed for a heel turn when she returned on Smackdown, but WWE has gone back to just playing up all of her babyface bonafide in somewhat uncomfortable segments. Still no clue what they're going for here, but it took something like three months for Veer Mahaan to make it to Raw when he first announced he was coming, so maybe we just need to wait a few more months before finding out whether Lacey is a heel or face.

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