For All Mankind Season 2: Ronald D. Moore on What's Ahead, Season 3

So, if you're not watching Apple TV+ series For All Mankind, you should be, and there will be spoilers if you haven't finished the first season of the series. So, now on to season two! Sadly, production was interrupted with two episodes to go, but showrunner and creator Ronald D. Moore is keeping us satiated thanks to an interview with Collider. And while the second season might be a bit delayed, that doesn't mean Moore isn't already looking ahead to a third season:

A look at For All Mankind, courtesy of Apple TV+.
A look at For All Mankind, courtesy of Apple TV+.

"We're starting to talk about season 3. We haven't opened the writer's room yet but we're hopeful that we will. Season two takes us…if you saw the tag…the post credits sequence at the end of season one you know season two takes us into 1983 and it's in the midst of the Cold War and it's gotten even colder. Reagan is President and the confrontation with the Soviet Union is front and center. The second season is a Cold War story about the USA and the USSR."

Now, the first season ended in 1983 with the launch of Sea Dragon (or something very like that); so where does that leave the second season to start? Right where we left off in 1983 and possibly with that same launch, though that's just speculation. According to Moore, the second season will have a large focus on a Cold War type story. The season three writer's room hasn't gotten started yet, but he mentioned in the interview that he has a five-season plan for the series and a whole alternate history timeline of the big historical events as they take place in the show's universe.

Some of these events are drastically altered from how they really happened in our history, like the U.S.S.R. beating us to the moon, for example, or that Richard Nixon pulled out of Vietnam earlier, or even that Ted Kennedy became President and Chappaquiddick then became a Presidential scandal. Though it's set in a fictional version of our world as we know it, the world of For All Mankind still feels complete and full of historical Easter eggs. I'm sure there's more of those "historical Easter eggs" in season two, but we'll just have to wait patiently for it to get safely back into production and finish up the last couple episodes.

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