What Happens When You Get 'Wrecked' At San Diego Comic-Con

Bleeding Cool's Adam J. Hart reports:
I had a bit of an opening in my schedule the second day off SDCC. So I figured I'd check out TBS's Wrecked installation behind the convention center — they'd set up a little island oasis for everyone.
What Happens When You Get 'Wrecked' At San Diego Comic-Con
You get one drink ticket for a free beer. Or, if you download the TBS app, you can upgrade to a cocktail.
There are plenty of seats in the sand for you to relax in while you enjoy your drink. As if that's not cool enough, you can even score a free coconut cup with your name engraved on it.
But that's not all you can do. You can play some skee-ball. If that's not your idea of fun on the beach, you can play some mini-golf. If you want a thrill, you can ride a mechanical boar — if you ride it, you get a free pin. And last but not least, you can challenge your friends to a tree climbing computation.
What Happens When You Get 'Wrecked' At San Diego Comic-Con
So if you're in San Diego this weekend, stop by this site and get wrecked. You'll be glad you did!

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