Gotham Releases New White Band Trailer Connecting Jerome and Jeremiah

Not long ago the folks at Fox and Warner BrosTV put out a white band trailer for Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan), the character that has been a prototype for the Joker since season one of Gotham. The character has gone through a lot of things and acted in similar ways to the classic comic character even having his face cut off then sewn back on. And as close as he got to being the Joker, executive producers kept insisting that he wasn't going to be the Joker. And then we met Jeremiah… Spoilers Ahead.

Jeremiah is Jerome's twin brother, also played by Monaghan, and introduced as someone who Jerome wanted to kill, but it was revealed that Jeremiah lied to get Jerome in trouble and get away. A few weeks back, Jerome escaped from Arkham and tried to dose all of Gotham with insanity gas. It didn't go as he wanted and Jerome was killed, but he had one last laugh, leaving a trap for Jeremiah that hit him with a specially designed insanity gas. On this week's episode of Gotham it was revealed how insane he is, how his assistant Ecco is now dressing in a harlequin costume and how he wants to destroy Gotham so he can create something new. To go with this, they have released a new White Band trailer connecting the dots from Jerome to Jeremiah.

Gotham airs Thursdays at 8 PM on Fox.

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