H3H3 Podcast from H3H3 Productions: YouTube Creator Spotlight

Content creators Ethan Klein and Hila Klein of h3h3Productions are, perhaps more than any other pair of creators, the face of YouTube comedy. The married couple has survived multiple eras of trends on YouTube, from the early 2010s viral videos on their original h3h3Productions channel to their now massively popular H3 Podcast. Here's a look at where their current rebranding began with the new podcast-focused channel, what their channel has to offer, and what they're doing now.

A still of Hila Klein and Ethan Klein. Credit: H3 Podcast on YouTube
A still of Hila Klein and Ethan Klein. Credit: H3 Podcast on YouTube

Starting out with short comedy videos that would feature Ethan playing a character (with Vape Nation being the huge fan favorite), reacting to some of the internet's strangest content, and essentially producing hilarious videos on any topic that the two found funny, h3h3Productions was essentially a revolving meme of a YouTube channel. The Kleins have evolved in major ways, with Hila going on to creator the major fashion brand Teddy Fresh and Ethan hosting multiple weekly podcasts on their newer channel, some with Hila and some without. The H3 Podcast channel has made major developments lately, expanding from what was obviously a podcast working on getting its footing to a major video podcast network, with multiple weekly shows. The podcasts consist of:

  • H3 Podcast: Essentially the flagship, this podcast introduced the supporting cast of Ian and Dan and began with Ethan and Hila reacting to videos and interviewing guests. With the introduction of H3 After Dark, this podcast has gone on to focus more on guests recently.
  • H3 After Dark: Livestreaming to fans, this immaculately shot podcast looks as good as any talk show and features Etha, Hila, and their crew interacting with people in the chat, calling fans, watching and reacting to videos and memes, and more. As H3 proper moves on to guests, this one feels like Ethan and Hila are at home to be themselves most of all.
  • Content Court: One of the most hilarious additions to the channel, Ethan acts (and dresses) as a judge as A.I. Ian (an evil robotic replacement of their intern) acts as the defense for channels that have created cringe-worthy or dangerous content, while new addition AB acts as the prosecution. The takedown of the bizarre creator "TheQuartering" is a highlight, though the episode which covered James Charles' highly publicized, alleged theft of Teddy Fresh's designs is also highly compelling, featuring some of H3's most potent content.
  • Frenemies: Their most controversial and dynamic podcast, this pairs Ethan with one-time archnemesis Trisha Paytas. The two met after Ethan created content pointing out what he perceived as hypocrisy in her videos and Paytas agreed to come into the H3 Podcast to hash it out. What followed was a hilarious interaction between a person who feels like two content creators who couldn't be more different but, somehow, make intense conversations together that feel sort of like you've been dosed right before watching Mean Girls.

The top five most viewed videos on their current H3 Podcast channel include:

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