Harley Quinn Showrunners on Spinoff, S04, Being DCU's "Cheers" & More

Even though it just dropped its sixth episode, considering all of the drama swirling around HBO Max, there's never as good of a time as the present to check in on how things are going with Patrick Schumacker & Justin Halpern's Kaley Cuoco & Lake Bell-starring Harley Quinn. Last week, TVLine reported that the animated series was "a very safe bet" for another season. While nothing official has been announced, Schumacker & Halpern shared their thoughts on a fourth season with Variety recently, including the sitcom they would most compare their vision of Harley Quinn to. But that wasn't all, as the duo also had some additional intel to share on animated spinoff Noonan's. The 10-episode series spotlights Kite Man as he buys Noonan's Bar, an infamous hangout spot for some of the seedier elements in and around Gotham. Matt Oberg is reprising his role of Kite Man, with Schumacker, Halpern, Cuoco & showrunner Dean Laurie, and Sam Register executive producing.

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"Noonan's": With a series that finds Kite Man looking to make a go of the bar with his new girlfriend Golden Glider (Cathy Ang), Halpern & Schumacker are looking for a twist on the classic NBC sitcom Cheers, except the "everybody" who knows your name is made up of DCU's "loser, D-list villains. "When we had pitched 'Harley,' we were like, it's 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show,' but a psycho killer instead of Mary Tyler Moore. So when they came to us, and they're like, 'Have you guys ever thought of a spinoff?' The first thing we thought is what other types of sitcoms can fit into Harley's universe," Halper revealed. And if there's going to be a "Cheers" vibe, then you need a "Cliff Clavin"- and that's where fan-favorite and spinoff series regular Bane (James Adomian) comes into play. "He's very easy and fun to write for, and whenever we pitch jokes for him, everyone does it in the Bane voice. We're not going to stop doing that," said writer Conner Shin.

"Harley Quinn" Season 4 & Beyond: While Schumaker, Halpern & Cuoco remain committed to the series as long as Warner Bros Discovery & HBO Max remain committed, the series co-creators would like to see future seasons run by other writers as the number of DCU characters introduced grows. "I would do the show as long as HBO Max and Warner Bros. want to make the show. The show's called 'Harley Quinn,' but there's thousands of characters that exist in the DC Universe that we really can just keep going. We want to be 'The Simpsons' of the DCU," Schumaker explained.

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