Higher Power: Is Demi Burnett the Leader of WWE's Retribution Stable?

There's been a lot of speculation about what WWE is planning to do with Retribution, the non-political Antifa-like stable of anarchists in black hoodies who have been terrorizing WWE Raw and Smackdown for the past month. Who are the members of this stable? Who are its leaders? Seth Rollins has been a suspect, along with The Miz and even Roman Reigns. But the real higher power behind Retribution may be the person everyone least suspects: Bachelor star Demi Burnett.

Zelina Vega exposed on WWE Raw.
Angel Garza previously on WWE Raw.

Burnett made her debut on WWE Raw on the same weekend that Retribution did. Burnett debuted on the August 3rd edition of Raw, seen backstage flirting with Angel Garza. That same night, Retribution members were caught on camera firebombing a generator and engaging in other acts of mischief such as knocking over a box.

In the weeks to come, the presence of both Demi Burnett and Retribution grew on Raw. Retribution stepped up their game, turning over cars, breaking windows, chainsawing the ring, and attacking wrestlers. Burnett, for her part, engaged in a love triangle between Garza and Ivar of the Viking Raiders, also flirting with the Street Profits' Angelo Dawkins. What's the common thread between these two storylines? A desire to cause chaos in the ranks of WWE.

Things came to a head on the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw, when Retribution attacked during a match between Garza and Andrade against the Street Profits. As soon as the lights began to flicker, a trademark sign of an impending Retribution attack, Garza grabbed Demi Burnett, who had accompanied him to ringside, and escaped backstage. In the final segment of the night involving both Burnett and Retribution, Burnett and Garza were heading for the exit of the Amway Center when Retribution busted in the door and assaulted a security guard. Garza ran away, leaving Burnett alone against the hoodie-clad hooligans, seemingly in danger.

But what if Demi Burnett wasn't in any danger at all? What if Burnett's innocent, flirty personality is a coverup for something more sinister? What if Burnett is a Jar Jar Binks level evil mastermind, hellbent on destroying WWE? What if Demi Burnett is the true leader of Retribution, and that's why the didn't attack her last night? For over a month now, everyone has assumed that WWE themselves don't even know what they're doing with the Retribution stable, but the truth is, the answer may have been right in front of us all along.

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