How to Eat Like a Bella, Lio Rush Quits, and More Wrestling News

Here are a few quick pro wrestling stories for you to chew on during Monday Night Raw. First up, Women's Health Magazine has a feature on the Bella Twins focused on what they've been eating during their pregnancies. We'd never advocate eating like a celebrity under normal circumstances, but since each of these Bellas is eating for two, you can probably get a decent meal out of their diet. Hopefully, you like carrots and cucumbers though. Check out the article here.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were
Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were "goofy around each other": WWE Untold (WWE Network Exclusive)

WWE has released a clip on YouTube from the latest episode of Untold focused on Triple H. The clip has Stephanie McMahon swooning over her husband. "Anytime I was next to him or I would just be around him, I would have this, my heart would race, and it still does. I'm actually more in love with him every single day." Aww. It would almost be cute, if her story of their early relationship wasn't taking place behind Chyna's back while Triple H was cheating on her, leading to her downfall, ostracization from the wrestling industry, and eventual death. "We were goofy around each other, even just saying hello. We'd go to give each other a hug and it was super awkward, try to have a conversation, and you walk away thinking, 'God, I sounded so stupid, why did I say that?'"

After being unceremoniously fired by WWE along with dozens of co-workers, Lio Rush may be done with wrestling. Rush tweeted out booking info for the music business and said he may never wrestle again. How's that working out for Enzo?

The wrestler formerly known as Zack Ryder tells more WWE horror stories in an interview at Fightful, such as how WWE refused to let him wear his Internet Championship on TV because he was "a mark for himself." WWE has got to keep up the longstanding wrestling tradition of not letting people who are marks for themselves get over in the wrestling business. Well, except for pretty much every top wrestler ever, including Triple H and every member of the McMahon family except Linda. But besides that, absolutely no being a mark for yourself, brother.

TNA World Champion Moose unironically suggested Impact Wrestling hire all the wrestlers let go by WWE last month. "I know we can find spots for all those guys if everything goes right," Moose said. Somewhere out there, a quarantining Don West shouted: "What's (the entire former WWE roster) doing in the Impact Zone?!"

AJ Styles will be taking a break from breaking up families to win the Gauntlet Match for Apollo Crews' spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match, according to rumors making the rounds this weekend. Styles hasn't been announced for the spot, but with a big Dairy Queen endorsement deal on the books, WWE could really use his star power right now.

According to a report from Fightful, the tag team formerly known as The Revival really screwed the pooch by bargaining for their WWE release right before WWE started firing everyone under the sun. Apparently, the team had to hand over the trademarks they owned for various catchphrases related to their gimmick in order to secure the only release. If they'd waited a week, they could have been laid off with no strings attached along with dozens of their co-workers.

Stephanie McMahon is launching a podcast, or, as it's called when you're a high-ranking executive at a major corporation, a "weekly digital series." McMahon will join with Shelley Zalis to talk about Women in the Business of Sports, which is also the name of the show. There's a lot of lessons to be learned from WWE's Women's Evolution, most notably that some people say Stephanie McMahon started it, but mostly that if you treat all your female employees like sex and degradation objects for two decades, all you have to do is start treating them like human beings for a few months and the entire world will start patting you on the back for your progressiveness. Who knew?

ACH is sorry but not sorry about calling WWE racist on Twitter earlier last year. Myles was interviewed by the Submission Squad podcast, which was transcribed by WWE shill Ryan Satin at Pro Wrestling Sheet. "I was having the time of my life there," ACH said. "I really was. I enjoyed my time there. I really did. But then when they released that shirt, is when I got angry," he said. "I made a lot of comments that I'm not gonna take back, because that's just how I feel. Now, could I have said them a lot better? Absolutely. I said a lot of things out of anger. If I would've said those things a little bit more intelligently, and calmly, and came from a real place and not an angry place … I think it would've been ok." Nah, no matter how he said it, ACH would have been gone by now. They fired everyone who ever said a negative thing about the company last month for "cost-cutting."

And bringing things full circle, the Bella Twins autobiography comes out tomorrow, which means you can finally find out what made their mom so angry on Total Bellas a few weeks back. But there's just one problem: you're a pro wrestling fan, so you probably can't read. Well, good news. It'll be out on audiobook as well.

The Road to Double or Nothing is up on AEW's YouTube channel. Hopefully everyone is taking separate cars and wearing personal protective equipment on that road.

Monday Night Raw is on tonight, so hopefully you've been drinking caffeine all day if you hope to stay awake. Have a good Monday night, marks!

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