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Is Current AEW Star William Regal Heading Back To WWE Very Soon?
 William Regal had worked for WWE as a very successful and respected wrestler and then transitioned to a backstage role in 2014, where he became the company's Director of Talent Development and Head of Global Recruiting and was considered to be among the best talent scouts in the entire industry. Along with that, William Regal was[...]
John Cena Is Said To Be Returning To The Ring At WrestleMania
John Cena and Triple H have respect for each other." So why this year's WrestleMania?  For John Cena, it's a combo of performing at the biggest show of the year and doing it where his current workplace is  "WrestleMania is still WrestleMania, and it's in Los Angeles If Cena is legitimately trying to be 'the next Rock,' you[...]
What Former WWE Star Is Set To Return Tonight On SmackDown?
 But with Vince McMahon hitting the road and Triple H taking over, we've found a number of dismissed fan favorites being welcomed back into the WWE fold and even finding the success that they had previously seemed destined for  Is another one of those names set to rejoin the WWE roster tonight on SmackDown?  It sure sounds like[...]
What could happen if CM Punk returns to WWE.
Furthermore, Punk reportedly had issues specifically with Triple H, who is now running WWE creative Could Punk, legendary for his ability to hold a grudge, put those issues with Triple H and WWE aside for the opportunity to exact revenge on Tony Khan, AEW, and The Elite? That probably depends on which grudge is bigger[...]
Triple H Out With COVID, Will Miss All WWE Tapings This Week
 We have learned that one of those people is WWE's creative leader Paul "Triple H" Levesque, and as a result, he will miss the tapings of this week's WWE television shows, including tonight's WWE Raw, as he stays home to recover. Paul "Triple H" Levesque, seen here on last Monday night's WWE Raw, will miss tonight's show as he[...]
On the left, AEW owner Tony Khan, and on the right, WWE Head of Creative Triple H
That's why The Chadster has compiled this extremely objective and unbiased listicle of the top five reasons WWE is better than AEW and always will be. On the left, AEW owner Tony Khan, and on the right, WWE Head of Creative Triple H 1 WWE is the clear leader in the wrestling business and has been for[...]
WWE SmackDown Recap 10/14: Who Is The Real Bray Wyatt?
 This left Kross unable to compete in last night's Fatal 4-Way match to determine the new Number One Contender for the Intercontinental title. At the same time, Raw star Rey Mysterio showed up backstage to speak with Triple H, to whom he emotionally explained his horrible situation with his son Dominik turning on him and trying to fight him[...]
Bo Dallas Is Reportedly Set To Return To WWE "Very Soon"
Since Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan took over WWE as CEOS and Paul "Triple H" Levesque correspondingly took over the company's creative and personnel decisions going forward in the wake of longtime Chairman Vince McMahon's retirement this past July, the company has seen an uptick in not only fan response, but in interest from wrestlers around the industry in returning[...]
LA Knight Is Set To Be Resurrected On The WWE Main Roster
 While the change has frustrated fans, the good news is that Max Dupri's days are said to be done, and LA Knight is ready for his main roster debut. Image: Screencap In the weeks following Triple H taking over WWE creative, fans have noticed a pretty significant change in Max Dupri, noting how he has become frustrated with[...]
WarGames! Triple H Announces Beloved Match For Survivor Series 2022
 Well, it turns out Triple H thinks this is a hell of an idea and has announced that this year's Survivor Series will see both a men's and women's WarGames match. Image: WWE In an exclusive interview with The Ringer, Triple H announced that the popular match would make its main roster debut at this year's Survivor Series event[...]
NXT 2.0 RIP: It Appears NXT Will Be Evolving Yet Again Very Soon
 Obviously, things are going to change with NXT 2.0 mastermind Vince McMahon now retired and original NXT creator Triple H running things. Does this mean things are going back to two years ago?  Probably not exactly, especially with the recent combining of NXT 2.0 and NXT UK, but something more reminiscent of those good ol' days is likely with a focus on[...]
Triple H Sells Out?
It's a great week to be Triple H As his competition, AEW, self-destructs over a temper tantrum by current champion CM Punk, WWE has never looked like more attractive place to work WWE's reputation amongst wrestling fans is the best its been in years with Triple H in charge of creative And he just got[...]
WWE Raw's Theory To Once Again Be Known As Austin Theory
 In an event listing for a live WWE event in Manchester, New Hampshire, the card reads that "Austin Theory" will be in action. An event listing for an upcoming WWE show. While his profile page still lists him as simply Theory, word going around is that Triple H is likely to return him and other recently renamed[...]
NXT 2.0 Recap 8/23: Things Just Got Very Interesting For Next Week
 Between the announcement of a 2023 evolution into NXT Europe and the debut of numerous NXT UK stars on NXT 2.0 over the past couple of months, it would appear that Triple H and his team are high on bringing these stars to the United States and seeing if they can make a name for themselves with a wider[...]
gene lebell
He also served as the referee for the infamous fight between Muhammad Ali and Antonio Inoki in 1976 WWE Head of Creative Triple H released the following statement on his official Twitter this afternoon honoring Gene LeBell and his contributions. Gene LeBell remained a towering figure in the history and expansion of mixed martial arts and sports entertainment[...]
NXT 2.0 Preview 8/9: Yet Another Tony D & Escobar Confrontation...
Between last Friday's SmackDown and last night's Raw, the slow but steady changes in storytelling and presentation are starting to become more evident in the Triple H era of WWE  It's not an entirely new landscape, but there are certainly positives and a more organic feel to everything  I thought how Dexter Lumis' return was handled last night was[...]
Will Sasha Banks & Naomi Return For The WWE Women's Tag Tournament?
Triple H has wasted no time in reshaping the rosters of Raw and SmackDown to his (and largely the fans') liking  By bringing in/back to the fold fan favorites like Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky at last Saturday's SummerSlam and following that up last night with the shocking return of Karrion Kross and Scarlett, Triple H has begun to not only craft the[...]
WWE SmackDown: Another Talent Made Their Big WWE Return Tonight
When Triple H effectively took over running all of TV for WWE a couple of weeks ago following the sudden retirement of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, one of the top hopes among fans (especially fans of Triple H's era of NXT) was that he would bring back certain stars who were mishandled and ultimately released during McMahon's tenure[...]
WWE SmackDown Preview 8/5: Roman Reigns & Drew McIntyre Face-Off
With SummerSlam now in the rearview mirror, this week marked the beginning of a new era in WWE with Triple H, having already taken over creative for the company now being able to stretch his wings a bit now that storylines were resolved at SummerSlam  This past Monday on Raw, while nothing Earth-shaking happened, we did sense a different[...]
Triple H Sells Out?
Triple H has taken over WWE Creative after the sudden "retirement" of a scandal-plagued, beleaguered Vince McMahon, but while most agree this will result in better storylines, not everything about the toxic corporate culture of WWE is going to change overnight And when it comes to promoting the inaccurate, WWE-centric version of wrestling history touted[...]
NXT 2.0 Preview 7/26: Is It Time To Play "The Game" Again?
 The entirety of WWE has been turned on its head over the past week with the shocking retirement of WWE owner and resident grumpy old man Vince McMahon this past Friday and the ascent of Triple H to now being the head of creative for WWE programming  With Triple H now the chief mastermind behind all of[...]
WWE executive Triple H knows the stock market is all about The Game.
Triple H, not Bruce Pritchard, will head up WWE creative in the wake of Vince McMahon's retirement WWE revealed Triple H's new role in a press release officially announcing the ascent of Stephanie McMahon and Nick Kahn to co-CEOs. STAMFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– WWE® (NYSE: WWE) and its Board of Directors today announced the appointment of Stephanie[...]
WWE SmackDown Recap 7/22: Surprise! It's Brock Lesnar After All!
Fans and analysts wondered aloud if Lesnar would be replaced by his sporadically appearing counterpart Goldberg in the SummerSlam main event or if Money In The Bank winner Theory would cash in against WWE Super Duper Ultimate Champion of the World Roman Reigns?  But alas, in classic Lesnar fashion, he showed up suddenly just when people thought it[...]
The Quest for Lost WWE Treasures (wt) (Stephanie McMahon and Paul “Triple H” Levesque)
Effective immediately, Paul Levesque (Triple H) will resume his executive position as EVP, Talent Relations The move comes more than a month after Vince McMahon stepped down as Chairman & CEO of the wrestling company (though still involved on the creative side), and Stephanie McMahon accepted the position of interim CEO and interim chairwoman[...]
WWE's Big E Says His Broken Neck Isn't Healing As Well As Hoped
Big E has a lot to offer the wrestling industry (he'll be working with Triple H at the end of the month to evaluate over 50 athletes who hope to become potential WWE signees) and the world at large, even if his days of wrestling are over. We have some truly awesome news to report this afternoon[...]
Chris Jericho Details His Near-Fight With Brock Lesnar In 2016
 This is all thanks to Triple H and Vince McMahon, who quickly got in between the two and broke it all up. "Triple H tried to break it up and we both told him to f*ck off which was hilarious Then Vince got involved and basically broke it up and told me that he had told Brock to do[...]
Cody Rhodes Will Undergo Surgery Thursday & Will Be Out For Months
 And now comes the aftermath, as we're learning just what Rhodes will have to do to repair the injury. A badly injured Cody Rhodes was victorious over Seth Rollins in last night's Hell In A Cell main event, courtesy of WWE. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select is reporting that Cody Rhodes is set to undergo surgery this[...]
Former NXT Star Says Women Are Treated Differently In NXT 2.0 Era
But not everyone is Mandy Rose." Like most (if not all) of the issues with the NXT 2.0 era, the problems started with the removal of Triple H from running the show, something Moon and the rest of the talent noticed immediately  "I started seeing this downslope as soon as Hunter (Triple H) was gone, and like for the first[...]
The Undertaker Was Supposed To Have An On-Screen Son In 2008
 Taker is a giant at 6ft 10in tall and over 300lbs, while Vansen was 5ft 11in and 220lbs and decidedly not a giant. This came up at a production meeting, with none other than Triple H who voiced his objection to buying this guy as The Undertaker's offspring "So we're in the production meeting and everyone's putting[...]
NXT Superstar Kushida Has Left WWE; Is A NJPW Return Looming?
Former NXT head honcho Triple H's signing of Japanese superstar Kushida away from NJPW in 2019 was quite the coup at the time  He had become a star overseas with his unique presentation and personality and of course because of his incredible abilities in the ring  But now Kushida's contract with WWE is up and so is his time[...]