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Update: WWE Has Responded To Mickie James And Fired The Guilty Party
In a story from earlier tonight, I told you how former WWE superstar Mickie James shared on her social media accounts how she received her leftover items from WWE today in a garbage bag, which she sarcastically referred to as a "care package". Mickie James, who was fired last week, received her items in a garbage[...]
"It's me, Austin! It was me all along!" - Screencap of WWE Monday Night Raw from back when it was good
Meltzer continued that it is possible, but that WWE has no such plans for anything soon. One person inside WWE who is keen on the idea, albeit under the right circumstances, is McMahon's son-in-law Triple H, who said the following to the Orlando Business Journal in 2013: "I don't want a Hall of Fame or some other[...]
WWE's Most Wanted Treasures Review: A Fun Enough Nostalgia Trip
This where WWE's Most Wanted Treasures comes in. The official poster for WWE's Most Wanted Treasures, courtesy of A&E and WWE. The premise for WWE's Most Wanted Treasures (airing Sunday nights on A&E at 10 pm) is pretty straight forward: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon want to recover WWE's greatest props, costumes, and trinkets that have fallen[...]
CM Punk appears on WWE Raw
And, you know, unfortunately, ironically enough, for me to go back to WWE, who's the biggest match for me? It's probably Triple H That's ironic because it's nothing I'm interested in It's just what it is Am I going to be a businessman and say that's the match, that's the big-money match? Well, it's not[...]
Who's Mr. Royal Rumble: Stone Cold Steve Austin or Undertaker, image courtesy WWE.
Royal Rumble?  Let's look at some names I'd throw out there. WWE Superstar Kane, image courtesy WWE. Kane: The Greatest and Most Unfortunate Royal Rumble Competitor? Kane is both arguably the greatest Royal Rumble competitor ever and the most unfortunate ever.  Why? Well, aside from appearing in the most Rumble matches ever at 19, The Big Red Machine[...]
WWE executive Triple H knows the stock market is all about The Game.
You can't just expect to… expect to… What's that? They're gonna bring back an attitude era star to save the day, the same solution they use for every problem? God damn it. WWE executive Triple H knows COVID-19 is all about The Game and how you play it. So Triple H will kick off Raw with a promo[...]
The official logo for WWE NXT.
A new report from Wrestling Inc claims that Triple H has tapped Gabe Sapolsky to run an additional NXT television show featuring developmental wrestlers to serve as a developmental feeder system for NXT, which is itself the developmental feeder system of WWE Raw and Smackdown. The official logo for WWE NXT. The report says the original plan[...]
Pat McAfee competes at NXT Takeover WarGames
At the media conference call following NXT Takeover WarGames, Triple H was asked about Pat McAfee's incredible debut, coming into NXT with no experience in wrestling and quickly becoming the company's top heel, headlining the PPV last night for his second-ever match And while Triple H did put over McAfee for having natural talent and[...]
Candice LeRae's team stands tall at the end of the women's match at NXT Takeover WarGames
LeRae, who seemed to favor her arm last night after taking a senton from Shotzi Blackheart off a ladder and through a chair near the end of the match, may have suffered a broken arm, according to Triple H Additionally, Bobby Fish suffered a laceration on his elbow that could be more serious, so WWE[...]
Triple H is interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell ahead of NXT Takeover WarGames
Ahead of Sunday's NXT Takeover WarGames PPV, Triple H was interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell on WWE's YouTube channel. Triple H is interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell ahead of NXT Takeover WarGames. Triple H, who sounded like he might have a little cold (uh oh), remembered Pat Patterson and talked about Patterson's effect on the wrestling business surpassing even[...]
WWE executive Triple H knows the stock market is all about The Game.
WWE executive, NXT showrunner, and Jared Kushner to Vince McMahon's Donald Trump, Triple H, took aim at rival pro wrestling organization Impact in a recent interview after Impact became publicly involved in a wrestling super-mega-crossover event with NXT's biggest rival, AEW Dynamite Triple H was speaking with paid shill Ryan Satin, who shamelessly begged clickbait[...]
The logo for the Capitol Wrestling Center, new home of WWE's NXT Brand.
McMahon. The logo for the Capitol Wrestling Center, new home of WWE's NXT Brand. "The Capitol Wrestling Center captures the feel and the vibe of NXT," said Triple H in the press release "We will have all the bells and whistles of the ThunderDome, but we'll keep that NXT feel It's edgier, darker, and raw—you're walking into[...]
WWE executive Triple H knows the stock market is all about The Game.
WWE executive Triple H has sold off almost 40% of his WWE stock, an SEC filing revealed today The filing reports two separate transactions from Haitch disposing of stock in WWE, one for 45,388 shares and another for 7,409 shares, for a total of 52,797 shares Triple H is left with just 81,325 shares, meaning[...]
Triple H at NXT (Image: WWE)
However, in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer puts the changes and fallout in perspective as affecting more than just the writing teams of Raw and Smackdown, but also the overall state of things in WWE. Triple H at NXT (Image: WWE) According to Meltzer, pretty much anything that was a long-term plan[...]