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AEW Champion Kenny Omega and whoever is the Impact Champion after Sacrifice will put both titles on the line in the main event of Impact Rebellion on April 24th.
Oh, yeah, the ending of Impact also revealed that this Saturday's match between Moose and Rich Swann at Sacrifice will be a title unification match. AEW Champion Kenny Omega and whoever is the Impact Champion after Sacrifice will put both titles on the line in the main event of Impact Rebellion on April 24th. An announcement by[...]
Johnny Swinger gets the 3-way he asked for... but not like he expected on Impact Wrestling 8/4/2020
Madison Rayne appreciates Heath's gumption in trying to get a contract, but she doesn't feel he has a strong chance against Moose Don't worry, Madison We've seen this exact story play out after the last WWE brand split when Heath didn't get drafted by either brand He'll get his contract Moose comes out to the[...]
Impact Wrestling 7/21/20 Part 2 - New Champions are Crowned (Image: Impact Wrestling)
Referees break it up, and Young retreats backstage. Gia Miller interviews Moose backstage She asks about Eddie Edwards's open challenge Moose says he doesn't want the Impact Championship because the title he already has is the most prestigious title in wrestling And anyone Moose invites can get a shot Miller offers some suggestions, including EC3[...]
Moose Wins "TNA World Title" in MASSIVE Main Event! | IMPACT! Rebellion Highlights Apr 28, 2020
In the latest spat, Impact Wrestling's Moose has challenged Segura to a fight to prove just how real wrestling is Moose is currently the TNA World Champion after unearthing the old TNA Championship and bringing it out at Impact's latest PPV, Rebellion, even though the actual Impact Wrestling World Champion is Tessa Blanchard So yeah,[...]
The Impact Wrestling #1 Contender Tournament Bracket [from Iampact's Twitter]
At the show last week, as Elgin was demanding he be crowned Impact World Champion by forfeit, Moose appeared, and he had the old TNA Championship with him Impact was formerly known as TNA before rebranding amidst a half dozen ownership changes or so Moose defeated Elgin and Hernandez to "win" the championship he revived[...]
Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were “goofy around each other”: WWE Untold (WWE Network Exclusive)
But besides that, absolutely no being a mark for yourself, brother. TNA World Champion Moose unironically suggested Impact Wrestling hire all the wrestlers let go by WWE last month "I know we can find spots for all those guys if everything goes right," Moose said Somewhere out there, a quarantining Don West shouted: "What's (the entire[...]
The official logo of Impact Wrestling.
Moose showed up in the main event wearing the TNA Championship that was previously replaced with the Impact Championship Moose fought Michael Elgin and Hernandez to retain the title. The official logo of Impact Wrestling. Originally, Elgin was supposed to face Eddie Edwards and Impact Champion Tessa Blanchard in a three-way dance for the title, but plans[...]
The Jerk Prince: Reggie And Me #2
Only problem, Midge is Moose's girlfriend And Moose does not like other men even looking at Midge Thankfully Moose would rather treat Reggie as a pal since Midge is so fond of him, but Reggie has other plans The writing in this series is fantastic DeFalco injects a sense of tragedy and depth to Reggie, unlike[...]