Impact Genesis Results: Tre Lamar vs. Crazzy Steve

Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, returning once again to continue Bleeding Cool's live coverage of Impact Wrestling's Genesis special. I want to thank Jude Terror for his kind words about me in the last article. Of all of my colleagues here at Bleeding Cool, he is a true man of integrity, the only one El Presidente actually enjoys working with. Of course, one day, he will still die like a dog along with the rest of them. Haw haw haw haw!

Amigos, El Presidente will never go soft, but sometimes I must get my hands dirty to accomplish my ends. Therefore, in the service of the capitalist swine who profit off Bleeding Cool's clickbait articles, here is a paragraph of keyword-rich SEO-optimized text about Impact Genesis:

Impact Wrestling's first Impact Plus special of 2021, Genesis, emanates from Skyway Studios in Nashville, TN on Saturday, January 9th. With the Hard to Kill PPV only a week away, Genesis is focused primarily on the return of the Super X Cup tournament, which will take place entirely during the show. The tournament's brackets pit Ace Austin against Suicide, Daivari vs. Cousin Jake, Crazzy Steve vs. Trey Lamar, and KC Navarro vs. Blake Christian in the opening round, while the semi-finals and final will take place later in the night. In addition, Genesis features an I Quit match between Moose and Willie Mack that will, hopefully, settle the pair's differences once and for all. Finally, in the last advertised match of the show, Jazz delays her retirement one more time for a one-on-one match with Jordynne Grace. Of course, it would be surprising if there weren't at least a few developments in the matchups planned for Hard to Kill on tonight's show.

Match graphic for Tre Lamar vs. Crazzy Steve at Impact Genesis
Match graphic for Tre Lamar vs. Crazzy Steve at Impact Genesis

Impact Genesis Results Part 4

Comrades, a lot of people are saying that they saw Crazzy Steve in photos from the Capitol insurrection, but I am pretty sure he was only there because he mistook it for a Juggalo gathering.

Tre Lamar vs. Crazzy Steve

Tre Lamar looks like he doesn't know what to make of Crazzy Steve, and who can blame him? If this were my regime, I would have Crazzy Steve arrested by my secret police for being too creepy. A little bit of creepy is fine. Steve overdoes it. Lamar feels the same way as he is reluctant to engage Crazzy Steve in the ring. That's wise, because Steve snags the win with a DDT

Winner: Crazzy Steve

Despite my suspicions of Crazzy Steve, I have to admit this was a very good match. Crazzy Steve advances as the first round of the Super X Cup is in the record books.

Comrades, Bleeding Cool's live coverage of Impact Genesis continues, and I once again regret to inform you that the next article will be covered by Chad McMahon. El Presidente has endured many hardships in life, but none so great as suffering through an article written by that little moron. Check back soon, my friends!

This post is part of a multi-part series: Impact Genesis 2020 Live Results.

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