James Gunn "Very Far" Into "Superman: Legacy" Script & More Updates

Another day brings another round of DCU-related info from DC Studios' James Gunn: Superman: Legacy, Krypto, Justice League Unlimited & more.

A new day brings new possibilities when it comes to what DC Studios' James Gunn may have to offer us on Twitter regarding what he & co-head Peter Safran have in store for their DCU. Following up on yesterday's rundown of a number of topics (see below), Gunn commented on some responses fans had to a very sweet & heartfelt post. First up, Gunn confirmed that he's "very far" into writing the Superman: Legacy script and that the project was "always a separate project" from anything that may have been initially planned with "The Man of Steel 2" or anything involving Henry Cavill. Also, Gunn doesn't just like Krypto: "No I love Krypto." From there, Gunn was asked, "What was it like to work with Lee Pace and would you work with him again on the DCU? Also, do you like Denny O'Neils original Batman vs Ra's al Ghul stories and Talia al Ghul?" – with Gunn keeping his response short, sweet & to the point: "Great. Yes. Love. Yes." And for you Justice League Unlimited fans, Gunn confirmed that he's seen the animated series.

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Here's a look at Gunn's tweet & Instagram post from earlier today, sharing an update on how the latest addition to his family is doing nine months later

On Saturday, Gunn gave Bleeding Cool some much-needed attention by letting us know that four of the eight DC characters we hoped would make the jump from the comics to the screen would be punching that ticket. In honor that, we took a look at what else Gunn had to offer intel-wise via Twitter – take a look:

Gunn Clarifies Batman/"The Brave and The Bold" & Superman/"Superman Legacy" Confusion: Following up on a question regarding the age of the actor playing The Dark Knight & if they would be in their early 30s ("He hasn't been cast yet") in one tweet, Gunn cleared up some confusion regarding the age ranges being considered for Superman & Batman in another tweet: "Yeah but people are speculating about both ages. All I ever said was Superman was younger than in his forties, and Batman MIGHT be a couple years older than Superman."

Will We Learn Which 4 Bleeding Cool Got Right Within 6 Months? "No way" (but Gunn did answer "Yes" regarding major casting announcements within the next six months).

On Why Gunn Isn't Worred About "Big Studio" Pressure: "Peter [Safran, DC Studios Co-Head] and I are the studio. There is no one to meddle."

So About That Conspiracy Theory That Gunn Was Actually in Talks to Run DC Studios Before "Peacemaker": "Before Peacemaker? No way, not even close."

Gunn's Thoughts on "New Teen Titans" by Marv Wolfman and George Perez: "Grew up with it. [Marv Wolfman] was my hero!"

RAPID FIRE: Clark Kent will be in Superman: Legacy; Gunn's looking for more options than Clark being a 25-year-old Superman or Jon Kent, dropped a heart emoji when asked what he thought about The Question, wishes he could have a lot more Bat-Mite, and counts Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic as "my favorite game of all time."

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