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Jensen Ackles, Tom Welling & Michael Rosenbaum's Smallville Reunion

This time, it was Jensen Ackles' turn to share a look at the Smallville reunion with Michael Rosenbaum & Tom Welling from over the weekend.

Creation Entertainment's Operation Las Vegas brought the worlds of Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki's Supernatural and Tom Welling & Michael Rosenbaum's Smallville together for a huge weekend-long fan event. Previously, Rosenbaum shared a look at the foursome (along with musician Jason Manns, Supernatural star Rob Benedict, and others) getting a chance to grab some quality photo time together. As we mentioned in our previous post, the two shows have a number of key connections. For example, Ackles portrayed Jason Teague during the fourth season of Smallville (2004-2005); while Welling portrays Samuel Campbell, father to Mary (Meg Donnelly), grandfather of Sam (Padalecki) & Dean Winchester (Ackles), and Sam Winchester's namesake, on The CW's Supernatural prequel series, The Winchesters. But it wasn't just Rosenbaum who was feeling nostalgic, with Ackles also taking to Instagram to share a look at himself with Welling & Rosenbaum as they honor their Smallville time together.

Image: WBTV YouTube Screencap

"Ran into a couple of old friends in Vegas yesterday. Nearly 20yrs since we did [Smallville] together…," Ackles wrote as the caption to the image he shared (which you can check out below):

"'Smallville' meets 'Supernatural.' We are touring together now, folks. Come find us. Good to see my old friends," Rosenbaum wrote as the caption to the uber-geek mashup image he shared on Instagram over the weekend:

As much of an emotional rush as the final scene of Supernatural was, with Dean (Ackles) & Sam (Padalecki) finally together again in Heaven on that all-too-familiar bridge, that wasn't the moment that made the series ending feel very real for Ackles. That moment came earlier in the episode, during the scene that Ackles would explain during a visit to Rosenbaum's Inside of You podcast from last year that he needed help coming to terms with. "The emotional scene came a few days earlier [from the final moments], which was when Dean dies and says goodbye to Sam and… basically… 'You gotta let me go.' That one was heavy," Ackles revealed. It was a scene where the emotions that were being acted out, as well as the ones being truly felt, began to merge. "It was a strong mixture of character performance tears and actor emotional real tears," he explained. If you haven't had a chance yet, make sure to check out the full interview below (and you can subscribe to the Inside of You YouTube channel here):

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