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Ranking Live Action “Superman” Actors [OPINION]

"Superman": Ranking Our Live-Action "Last Sons of Krypton" [OPINION]

What’s amazing about the effort is the actors they were able to secure - with Tom Welling, Tyler Hoechlin, and Brandon Routh to reprise their roles as Clark Kent/Superman Here’s Bleeding Cool’s list of the major actors who donned the cape and wore the “S” in live action. Ranking Superman [caption id="attachment_1093170" align="aligncenter" width="800"] DC's Legends of[...]


"Smallville": Erica Durance's Lois Lane Joins Arrowverse "Crisis" Crossover

With Arrow shuffling off the network's programming coil after an abbreviated 10-episode eighth season (making The Flash the "elder states-show" of the "Arrowverse" as it speeds into its sixth season), Ruby Rose-starrer Batwoman joining the family alongside Supergirl, and a looming "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover that could change things dramatically (more on that below),[...]


"Smallville" Star Tom Welling Set to Leap "Crisis" in a Single Bound

With Arrow shuffling off the network's programming coil after an abbreviated 10-episode eighth season (making The Flash the "elder states-show" of the "Arrowverse" as it speeds into its sixth season), Ruby Rose-starrer Batwoman joining the family alongside Supergirl, and a looming "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover that could change things dramatically (more on that below),[...]

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Arrowverse "Elseworlds": Stephen Amell's Good News/Bad News for Smallville Fans

Recently, Amell posted this image of a meeting he had with Smallville's Tom Welling (Clark Kent) and Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) - fueling speculation that Smallville would make an appearance during the event.So the bad news first...looks like the actors really were there to meet with Amell about a possible collaboration with the actor's Nocking Point[...]

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Stephen Amell Adds to His Smallville Photo Op Collection

The story of a teenage Clark Kent (Tom Welling) growing up with superpowers and a set of awesome parents (John Schneider, Annette O'Tool) The show did well and started to expand Unlike with the Arrowverse that has grown to five series, Smallville brought in other heroes like Zatanna, the Flash, Cyborg, Martian Manhunter, and of[...]


Lucifer Season 3: Lucifer Hasn't Won Chloe's Heart Yet

The introduction of Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) to Lucifer this year served multiple purposes Besides Pierce trying to figure out how to die and asking Lucifer (Tom Ellis) for help, and with him being the new boss it brings a renewed focus to the crime-solving aspect of the series But there is also the love[...]

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Lucifer Season 3: Tom Ellis Calls the Show a Reverse Beauty and the Beast

Fox has released the third part of the Off the Script series with Lucifer stars Tom Ellis and Tom Welling asking each other questions This time it starts with Welling describing Ellis in three words.. one being 'tall', and then Ellis talks about how following Gordon Ramsay on Twitter is a guilty pleasure But the[...]

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Lucifer Season 3: Lucifer Digs Up an Old Soul to Help Marcus

With the introduction of Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) in Lucifer season 3, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) ended up with a new goal: finding a way for Marcus to die If you're not caught up on the latest on the Fox series, why are you here reading spoiler-filled articles? Go watch the show And if you are[...]


Lucifer Season 3: Tom Ellis and Tom Welling Go Off Script

The biggest addition to Lucifer this season has been the casting of Tom Welling as Marcus Pierce The character has come in and changed the dynamic between almost all of the characters on the show Fox had him sit down with series star Tom Ellis and ask each other questions in an "Off Script" video[...]


Lucifer Season 3: Lucifer, Decker, and Pierce Becoming a Love Triangle

But this season they added a new wrinkle by introducing Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) as someone who is all the best parts of Lucifer and none of the bad.. or so it seems.  His story is MUCH more complicated than that.But what will happen to the Devil and his detective partner? Ellis spoke with TVLine[...]

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Lucifer, Superman, and BBQ: A Night with Tom Ellis and Tom Welling

Joshua Stone writes:About a month ago, I received email with the subject being "Lucifer – Tom Welling and Tom Ellis" This was either spam targeting nerds interested in a very specific television show, or an email that was proposing some nerd fun for yours truly Thankfully, it was the latter of the two And so last[...]


Lucifer Season 3: A Chance To Come And Play More

Joining the cast for the new season is Smallville's Tom Welling who plays Marcus Pierce, the new lieutenant, rival to Lucifer and possible love interest for Chloe (Lauren German).DCTV visited the set and the video below are interviews with the cast including Ellis, Rachael Harris, Welling, Tricia Helfer, D.B Woodside, Lauren German and Aimee Garcia[...]


Lucifer Cast Tells Us What The Devil Has Made Them Do

It does include new comer Tom Welling and the majority of the cast.Lesley-Ann Brandt tells the most graphic story, about how her new born relieved himself on her husband.. in the worse way possible.. and she says the devil made her laugh Tricia Helfer claims the devil made her by a second pair of shoes[...]


Lucifer Season 3: He's Back And More Devilish Than Ever

So, we can expect a very naughty Lucifer when the new season begins.We also get our first look at Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling), who seems to know just how to push everyone's buttons He immediately refers to Chloe Decker (Lauren German) as Lucifer's partner instead of him being her consultant He also picks up on[...]

Lucifer Season 3

Lucifer Season 3 Will Have Lucifer Keeping His Promise To Tell Chloe The Truth

As the series moves on, there is the question about Decker and Lucifer — and there was that kiss.But Lucifer Season 3 introduces Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling), a potential romantic interest for Chloe (Lauren German) and a rival for Lucifer (Tom Ellis) And Lucifer now has his wings back and been gone.. well, for a[...]

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Lucifer Season 3 Is Getting Hotter Than Ever With Tom Welling

They start off by plugging Tom Welling's addition to the show, which is going to be interesting to see him play someone other than Clark Kent from Smallville Since spending 10 season as the young version of Superman, Welling has done much in the industry He appeared in the Kevin Costner movie Draft Day as[...]

Lucifer Season 3: First Look At Tom Welling On Set

Tom Welling's time as Clark Kent helped lay that ground work, and now the actor is returning to television as part of the new season of Lucifer got the first photos of Welling in his role as Marcus Pierce, the Detective Chloe Decker's (Lauren German) new boss and potential love interest, as well as[...]

Tom Welling Talks Why Smallville Never Went Full Superman

 There was something special that happened with this CW series, after the ill fated single season of Birds Of Prey, and it helped keep the dream of seeing Superman on the screen alive.Actor Tom Welling, who played young Clark Kent during the 10 years of Smallville (which ran 2001-2011) recently admitted to Entertainment Weekly why we never saw[...]