Joey Janela Debuts Trumper Gimmick, Trolls Locals Kooks at Meeting

AEW star Joey Janela debuted a new gimmick this week, but it didn't happen on AEW Dynamite, Dark, or Dark Elevation. Instead, the Bad Boy debuted his new persona at the Seminole County school board meeting, armed with a flyer from a local anti-mask group. You might be familiar with the location as a favorite haunt of former WWE NXT referee Drake Wuertz, who appeared earlier this year at one of the meetings to decry COVID-19 mask protocols as enabling child predators. Wuertz, who has been in hot water with WWE before for his extreme beliefs, was released by the company earlier this year.

In fact, Wuertz was at this meeting, too, appearing around 1:45 into the full video released on YouTube. Wuertz once again complained about "dehumanizing and abusing mask mandates," which he compared to "tyranny." He got a laugh from the crowd when he derisively complained about being labeled a conspiracy theorist and touted a supposed Wuhan lab leak that he claimed proved hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment for COVID-19 while citing leaked emails from Dr. Anthony Fauci that Wuertz claimed discredited the effectiveness of mask-wearing. "I think the conspiracy theorists are on the right side of history," said Wuertz, garnering a huge applause.

At this point, you are probably thinking to yourself, "and then a freak tidal wave crashed through the building and dragged everyone out to sea, never to be seen or heard from again," but instead, Wuertz continued, demanding the school board "unmask the kids immediately," eliminate social distancing and contract tracing. "If you even think of coercing one of these beautiful children of God into taking an experimental and harmful vaccine, you will be met with legal action,"  Wuertz threatened. Wuertz decried the woke ideology that's infiltrated competitive sports and "the sexual grooming and pedophilia" of the entertainment industry. Wuertz blamed godlessness for the current situation and urged his fellow QAnoners to "primary these RINOs in this room," once again to massive applause. He suggested parents pull their kids out of school to save the country as the crowd popped bigger than the glass breaking before Steve Austin's entrance during an Attitude Era Raw.


Later in the video, while another man is speaking, Janela causes a commotion, is reprimanded, and then leaves the building.

Janela's disguise caused a commotion on social media, where most recognized it as a parody. However, some Jim Cornette fans were giddy to let the promoter and podcast host know that Janela had apparently turned Qanon. Cornette, however, seemed to assume that articles discussing Janela's prank were about the real Drake Wuertz.

Oh Jim, you sweet Summer child, thinking Wuertz would be ejected from the meeting for those things rather than wildly applauded as he was. As for Janela, he made the local news for his outburst.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Janela will take his new character on the road with AEW since he auctioned off his gear for charity.

The bidding ended at $500, which Janela donated. However, in the true carny spirit of pro wrestling, he did make merch available for a limited time.

Joey Jannella Debuts New Trumper Gimmick, Trolls Locals Kooks
Joey Janela appears on local news after attending a school board meeting disguised as a Trumper.

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