Joey Janella and Enzo Amore Got Into a "Fight" at a Blink 182 Concert

On the mean streets of Holmdel, NJ, AEW wrestler Joey Janella and former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore clashed in an epic brawl Tuesday. And by "mean streets of Holmdel, NJ," we mean by a concession stand at a Blink 182 concert. And by "epic brawl" we mean danced around as if they were going to fight but never actually fought.

Apparently, the feud stems from comments Janella made in April on Twitter in what appeared to be an attempt to get Amore to appear at one of "The Bad Boy's" Spring Break wrestling shows.

So when Janela encountered Amore at the Blink 182 concert at the PNC Bank Arts Center and attempted to introduce himself, Amore wasn't having it. And the two offered differing accounts:

Amore posted a video of the "fight" that appeared to show that neither account was correct.

"The Realest Guy in the Room" further trashed Janella on Twitter, writing:

Janella retorted:

Sadly, it doesn't look like we'll be seeing these two get in the ring anytime soon for a rematch.

Janella recently headlined a pro wrestling event for AEW, the hot new wrestling company set to launch a weekly show on TNT this Fall. Amore was fired from WWE and later went on to release a rap album that sounds like a cross between if DMX was a muppet and a teenager trying to whisper-shout while recording in his bedroom without waking his parents up. He has since made the news for stories such as getting kicked off a plane for vaping. Both should be ashamed of themselves for attending a Blink 182 concert in the first place.

Joey Janella and Enzo Amore Got Into a "Fight" at a Blink 182 Concert



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