John Cena Regrets Calling The Rock a Sellout Now That He's One Too

Global entertainment superstar John Cena has a new perspective on his feud with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in 2012 and 2013. Cena spent much of the feud lambasting The Rock for leaving WWE behind for a lucrative career in Hollywood. Cena touted his own commitment to WWE and said that The Rock was a sellout for abandoning the company and its fans to become a fancy Hollywood star.

John Cena is regretting all those mean things he said about The Rock that now all apply to him as well.
John Cena is regretting all those mean things he said about The Rock that now all apply to him as well.

So now that John Cena himself is a fancy Hollywood star who abandoned the WWE and its fans, it's no surprise that Cena feels a little bit differently. "It was stupid of me," said Cena in a Q&A as reported by UK tabloid The Sun. "It genuinely was. That was my perspective at the time."

Cena, who had at that point starred in several go-nowhere films produced by WWE Studios such as The Marine, didn't have great prospects in Hollywood at the time, so it's easy to see why he would deride The People's Champion for choosing a safer and more profitable career in Hollywood over one in the ring. But as soon as Cena's prospects of getting a fat Hollywood paycheck improved, he five-knuckle-shuffled his way out of WWE quicker than you can say "you can't see me."

"I said some things that were less than nice," said Cena. "He said some things that were less than nice. And I can assure you, in our line of work there is a grey area where imagination becomes very real, and we were right in the sweet spot of that grey area, each watching the other's every move and not too happy with the other party."

Now, if we can just get John Cena to feel some regret about that haircut he's been sporting, we'll really be making some progress.

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