Lance Archer Thinks Sting Could Still Go in AEW Ring

Lance Archer will face Cody Rhodes to determine the first TNT Champion at AEW Double or Nothing this Saturday, and Archer appeared on the Inside the Ropes podcast to talk about that and other things. One of those things was the rumors that Sting could be headed to AEW. The Stinger was revealed to no longer have a WWE deal when Mattel canceled an upcoming action figure, and that coincided with Sting tweeting about AEW, including complimenting Archer.

Sting takes on Triple H, courtesy of WWE (screencap).
Sting takes on Triple H, courtesy of WWE (screencap).

In comments transcribed by 411 Wrestling, Archer discussed a possible role for Sting in the company.

Absolutely, we're sitting here talking about Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, and the contribution he's presenting to AEW and to myself and things like that. So you're talking about Sting who, he in reality, he could probably still step in the ring if he wanted to. You got guys like the Undertaker still getting in there and producing at extremely high levels so there is no reason that Sting couldn't do the same. He's obviously an icon in this business and somebody who can help lead a talent somewhere they need to go, kind of like what Jake is doing now. There's so many ways a guy like Sting can be beneficial to the wrestlers and to the show and to everything because I think he's one of those guys that, like I said, is iconic to the business, and there is no reason, if it's available, to possibly not have him if he wants to be part of it and AEW wants him to be part of it. Who knows what the future is, who knows exactly what he wants to do. It was kind of cool to get a nod from him on Twitter.

Archer is right, in our completely unsubstantiated opinion as neither a wrestler nor a medical doctor. Back in the day, wrestlers kept going long past their prime, and even long past their prime, adjusting their style to suit what they were capable of. Not advocating anyone try to die in the ring here, but Sting's last match against Seth Rollins was ill-thought-out by everyone involved. There's no way Sting, at his age, should be taking bumps like a turnbuckle bomb. In general sucks, the move sucks, especially with the frequency WWE uses it (and similar moves like the apron bomb). There are just too many variables that can go wrong when you're being tossed at something that's the opposite of a flat surface when the very physics of taking a bump safely is to distribute the impact across as much of your body as possible. Seth Rollins should have known better, Sting should have known better, and WWE should have known better. And to top it all off, the move doesn't even necessarily look better than a regular powerbomb anyway.

So if Sting really wanted to wrestle a match or two in AEW, he could almost certainly work a style that minimizes his risk. The question is, does he want to? If not, there's no question he could contribute in a role like Jake the Snake or Arn Anderson without putting himself in danger.

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