Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 3: Recap and Review

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The Legends are off on another adventure this week, and Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 3, Dancing Queen lives up to its title. We open in 1977 London as the Queen of England goes to a grunge concert with the crown jewels. She is seen doing shots, dancing, and eventually flashing her butt to the entire world  which does not go over well with history.

The story cuts to the Time Bureau, and we find out that this embarrassing incident makes the British monarchy fall apart, and the entire country goes into calamity. Nate, Ava, and Sara see this as something magical, but when Sara tries to get Nate to come on the Waverider to join in a mission in the field he turns it down. She doesn't quite get why he's going to stay behind, but decides to let him anyway.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 3, Dancing Queen


For the moment, Zari is the only person who knows that Ray gave Nora Darhk the Time Stone, and is the reason she escaped. It's eating away at him a little, but it's nice to see these two having another conversation. We find out that The Smell, the band that the Queen went to see, didn't exist in the timeline. Constantine seems to think one of them is a Leprechaun. Mick really does not trust Constantine, and we get to see the two of them butt heads again.

Zari, Constantine, Sara, and Mick head to a club to try and get close to the band, while Ray acts as the driver and stays behind because he doesn't look punk. However, when Mick and Constantine start a fight, the band runs out of the club and Ray ends up as their getaway driver. The least punk member of the Legends is now the only in they have with the band. Constantine and Mick have another disagreement and Constantine goes off on his own, with Zari following him.

Back at the Time Bureau, Nate is getting bogged down with a ton of paperwork from Ava, and he doesn't look like he's enjoying himself. Gary, the best new character of the series, shows Nate that one of the upsides of working in the Time Bureau is that you get Taco Tuesday a day early, and we see some cute interactions with Gary and Monay, the girl delivering food.

Ray manages to get an in with The Smell, and tries the Leprechaun test which does not go over well. They tell Ray that the only way they will trust him is if he does something for them. In this case, it means stealing one of the Queen's corgis, which Ray pulls off with the help of Sara and Mick. They eventually return the dog to the pound sporting a purple mohawk. The band finally accepts him as one of them, but we still have no idea who this magical person is and what they want. Charlie, the band's singer, insists that Ray gets a tattoo to show that he's one of them, and he reluctantly agrees. Ray eventually comes to realize that Charlie is the one with the powers, but we still don't know what exactly she can do.

We catch up with Constantine drinking himself stupid at a bar and making eyes with a pretty blonde bartender. Zari catches up to him and we realize that Constantine is drinking with his mom, whom he never met because she died in child birth.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 3, Dancing Queen

Nate and Gary get a warning that something magical is going on in the prehistoric era, and Nate, feeling a little cabin fever, convinces Gary that they should go check it out themselves. They don't find anything, and are almost killed by a saber tooth tiger.

Mich tells Ray that they are planning to send Charlie to hell, and Charlie is not okay with that. She hasn't done anything that merits that, and it sets him on edge. This is going to be a problem.

Constantine's dad is there, and he tries to kick his dad in the balls so he's never born. This creates a paradox. You can't kick your dad in the balls, because then you would never exist, and there wouldn't be anyone to kick your dad in the balls. Eventually the commotion causes Constantine to get into a fight with his dad and he's kicked out of the bar, with Zari keeping close. She tells him that you can't change your past, but Constantine says his past is coming for him. She asks him what he means and we see some flashes of the night before he was attacked as he went to the Waverider. We also see a face that we can't identify right now, and whatever it is it shakes Constantine up quite a bit.

Ray is accosted by the band in his disco past, an image of the Legends in full disco year is in a paper, past and Charlie reveals that they all have a past — but what they are doing with their lives now that matters. Charlie did some time behind bars and isn't keen to repeat it. At the Time Bureau, Ava congratulates Nate and Gary on a mission completed. Turns out the anomaly went away when they got back, and Gary gives Nate a plant as a congratulations. The plant was from the past and was the anomaly. It starts eating things and runs off like Little Shop of Horrors.

Charlie reveals that she is shapeshifter and Ray confides that Amaya, who is in the picture, was the "moral compass" of their group and now they seem off. Ray tries to convince the Legends that Charlie is harmless, but Constantine does not trust her at all. They are coming to take care of her and Ray warns Charlie. We see Ray put on the ATOM suit and begin to attack his team mates. It doesn't take long to reveal that this is Charlie taking on Ray's form.


Ray disables the suit, and Zari pins Charlie to a wall with her powers while Constantine summons a portal. However, she starts changing into their various faces and calls them monsters, eventually settling on Amaya's face in full disco garb. They decide not to send her to hell, but Constantine takes her powers, leaving her stranded in Amaya's form.

Charlie is locked up and pitching a fit, and the Legends ask Constantine if he can switch the spell back to give Charlie the ability to look like anyone but Amaya. Turns out he can't and this is permanent. They aren't sure what to do with her, and Ray finally admits to everyone that he gave the stone to Nora. He says they all got second chances here, and she deserved one too. Sara tells him that anything Nora does is on him and all of them, and she hopes he made the right decision.

Sara and Gary go to the Time Bureau to talk to Nate, who is covered in plant guts, while Ava looks like she hates her life a little. Nate reveals that he was staying with the Time Bureau because being around the memories of Amaya was too much, but he's moved on and is ready. Sara, realizing the Charlie situation, tells Nate he should stay longer.

Constantine is drinking alone when Zari joins him. He doesn't want a heart to heart and neither does she. She presents him with a picture of him and his mother that she took. He thanks her for not getting mushy on him.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 3, Dancing Queen

Mick looks out at Charlie and declares that he hates cops, and they nearly became the cops today. Charlie starts yelling at them that if they are going to stare at her the least they can do is get her a pint. Mick declares that he likes her.


Overall the episode was a lot of fun. We knew that Charlie was going to be a thing from the promotional material, but the idea of her being a shapeshifter stuck in Amaya's form is a pretty original idea.

We also get to see some more interesting pair offs when it comes to the characters. Zari and Constantine make for a pretty good team-up, and we can hope that we're going to see more of them in the future. We also get to see a different side of Ray. He's one of the few cast members left who has been in every episode of the show so far, so it's always fun to see a new dimension to him.

It looks like they're going to continue the Time Bureau subplot. It's a good thing that Nate and Gary have a good dynamic, and Gary is just a fun character to have around. Ava is walking that line of being the no-nonsense boss and also being a ton of fun. The looks she gives at the antics of everyone will become legendary on this show.

While some people will get sick of him, Constantine continues to be a great new addition to the cast. The show tends to focus on their new cast members when they first board the Waverider, with it becoming more of an ensemble show again by the end of the series. But who is in that flashback? We'll have to wait and see, and it'll be interesting to see how Charlie fits into all of this. We can hope that the show will address Constantine taking her powers like he did; that was kind of messed up, even in context.

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