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Luther: The Fallen Sun: Idris Elba-Starrer Hitting Netflix This March

You can't keep maverick cop John Luther down, especially not if his creator Neil Cross and actor Idris Elba have anything to say about it. They always promised there would be a new Luther movie after the BBC TV series ended, and now Netflix has announced that Luther: The Fallen Sun will be premiering in March 2023.

Luther: The Fallen Sun With Idris Elba Coming to Netflix in March 2023
Idris Elba in "Luther: The Fallen Sun", Netflix

Luther: The Fallen Sun is an epic continuation of the award-winning television saga reimagined for a film. The BBC series ended four years ago with Luther finally arrested for all the times he broke and bent the rules to solve his cases, getting all sorts of people killed in the process. A gruesome serial killer is terrorizing London while brilliant but disgraced detective John Luther (Idris Elba) sits behind bars. Honestly, aren't serial killers always gruesome? Is there really such a thing as a pleasant serial killer? Haunted by his failure to capture the cyber psychopath who now taunts him, Luther decides to break out of prison to finish the job by any means necessary. Luther must have a long list of things that haunt him. This would probably just be Tuesday. The film also stars Cynthia Erivo, Andy Serkis (who probably isn't playing Gollum here, which is a pity), and Dermot Crowley, who returns as Martin Schenk, Luther's superior in the police force who often lets Luther do whatever he needs to solve the case. He might be the only one from the original TV series returning.

Luther: The Fallen Sun With Idris Elba Coming to Netflix in March 2023
Idris Elba in "Luther: The Fallen Sun," Netflix

So yes, Luther is such a maverick cop he must break out of prison to catch a killer.  Wouldn't you? No? Well, that's how on the edge he is, bruv! Luther never does anything by halves… or commonsense. That's John Luther for you. Why aren't there more maverick cops like Luther in real life? Because things would be totally out of control, that's why. Maverick cops like Luther only exist on television where they belong. Come to think of it, Luther might be the last maverick cop standing in Film and Television. Luther: The Fallen Sun is written by series creator Neil Cross and directed by Jaime Payne, creating the old shenanigans Luther gets up. Expect a high body count and more angst from everyone's favourite rogue cop.

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