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"Modern Family": Ducks, "Wambulances" & More – Our "Week Off" 5 Favs [OPINION]

In an attempt to fill the hole in my television heart created by the lack of ABC's Modern Family this week, I decided to fill the void by gathering my favorite moments of the series. Quite honestly, there were too many so I settled for some-of-the-best moments of Modern Family. Otherwise I would keep you guys here for hours because picking between the funny and "feels" scenes isn't easy.

I have to say that Phil is in most of my picks. Hands down, Phil is the best character in the show. Ty Burrell does an amazing at being a dad. Every time he is on camera he steals the show. He reminds me so much of my own dad it always tugs at the heart-strings. Then there is Alex (Ariel Winter): I always felt bad for her being the underdog and all—it was one of the characters I related to the most – being a middle sister myself.

So without further ado, here are my picks…

modern family
Modern Family/ABC

Phil tries connecting with Alex (Season 3, Episode 20 "The Last Walt"): There is something about Phil that I really love and it is consistent throughout the show: he always tries connecting to those around, especially with his kids. This episode makes him so endearing, how he tries and tries so hard to have a special moment with Alex that she will remember.

Claire (Julie Bowen) finally understands Alex as she starts understanding herself (Season 5, Episode 12 "Under Pressure): After Alex cracks in the middle of her birthday party due to stress, the whole family seems to walk around eggshells. However, while Alex walks her through her memories and ambitions as she starts learning more of herself, we also see Claire starting to truly understand the amount of stress se is under at school during an open house.

Phil goes after Haley (Sarah Hyland) against all odds (Season 4, Episode 12 "Party Crasher"): Once again Phil wanting the best for one of his kids, this time Haley. He chases after her when she leaves with a man twice her age against Claire's advice that she will come back by herself. Little did he know that she was right behind him when he tells Claire he will not be playing her games and needs to go after his daughter. This part forever moves my heart.

Alex leaves to college—the call at the end asking everything she knows about ducks (Season 7, Episode 2 "The Day Alex Left for College"): This was a heartbreaking episode that kind of had me hating Alex for a bit, but then we see her connect with Haley. The last scene when Claire and Phil call her just to hear her voice and uses ducks as an excuse was something else.

"Does anyone need a Wambulance?" (Season 4, Episode 13 "Fulgencio"): Sorry, but sassy Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) will always give me life. This whole episode had me rolling, but then when they realize she has been mean because she has been going to school with Claire was the kicker.

Lily gets her period (Season 10, Episode 16 "Red Alert"): I love the supportive role the whole family plays in this episode – though nothing helps until Mitch and Cam decide to have the talk themselves. This was a cute episode.

Family pays honor to Phil's mom (Season 4, Episode 24 "Goodnight Gracie"): There is not much I can say about this episode other than… beautiful. I love Alex's confidence in the connection she had with her grandmother. It was even nicer when we find out the meaning behind the seemingly simple gift she left her.

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