My Hero Academia S05E04 Make It Happen, Shinso!: Class Clashes Impress

Class 1-A and 1-B do not hold back on this week's episode of My Hero Academia, "Make It Happen, Shinso!". From the start, it is obvious Class B has grown and organically perfected its quirks. We see Shinso's determination in getting a spot among the hero classes despite his lack of experience in combat. I really enjoy these types of episodes though, they tend to be really good in terms of showing off the extended cast and their quirks. Even more so now getting to see how much they all have grown.

My Hero Academia
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Round one has started. The first team up for Class A gets Shinso and with him Froppy, Chargebolt, Anima, and Red Riot; for Class B they had Tsuburaba, Gevaudan, Vine, and Dragon Shroud. Unfortunately, instead of trying to set up a plan, Class 1-A spent more time trying to understand Shinso's quirk and things started off a bit rough. They are immediately attacked by Gevaudan and Tsuburaba, however, Shinso gets the upper hand for a second before being encased inside an air prison by Tsuburaba right after successfully brainwashing Gevaudan. We get to see how his external vocal cords work and help him sound completely different getting others to respond to his quirk for it to activate.

Class A manages to capture Tsuburaba- however, Gevaudan once again manages to display great skills and gets to capture Anima and Red Riot giving Class B 2-1. Though the team from Class A does not let this hinder them and quickly comes up with a plan. We finally get to see Froppy's toxic mucus which they use to disguise their scents to confuse the enemy. Class B puts up a great fight. Shinso manages to break the communication among the team from Class B and successfully brainwashes Vine as well. And Class 1-A ends up winning the first round having planned a few steps ahead.

Through Shinso we hear he has been training with Eraserhead and I am not going to lie: I would love to get to see more of this mentorship. Despite the difference in experience, Shinso manages to fight back decently and work well with the team. Chargebolt and Froppy were so welcoming and encouraging to him even after the speech he gave about not being there to make friends. I have a feeling this will be changed and I hope I am right. I am looking forward to the next round between Class 1-A and Class 1-B and getting to see more of their quirks.

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