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"My Hero Academia" Season 4 "Deku Vs. Gentle Criminal" Brings The Energy Back [SPOILER REVIEW]

The last few episodes of My Hero Academia have definitely felt more of a slice-of-life anime vibe rather than shonen. However, it has been quite a fun change of pace so far. I like getting the chance to know more of the U.A. students , specially Class 1-A. Which we definitely have so far. It has been an enjoyable ride through preparation and we finally approach the night before the School Festival.

My Hero Academia

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Class 1-A has a final rehearsal and last minute prep at the gym, until they get kicked out. They finalize some details and everything seems to be set with Deku promising to buy some last minute items before the event. He is still hard at work with All Might trying to get more control of his power to be able to use more of a percentage without urting himself.

The pacing of this episode was fantastic and I certainly enjoyed how time kept being captured. It definitely adds to the urgency and the growing sense of tension leading to Deku meeting Gentle Criminal minutes before the festival. The screen going dark and showing the time was a very nice touch.

My Hero Academia

So yeah, Deku comes across this guy who is fascinated by the fact that he knows about the Gold Tips Imperial tea. It was also a great show of how perceptive Deku really is when we see how he starts recognizing the person in front of him by the voice and the tea routine. Instead of asking for help or calling other heroes he takes matters into his own hands. Which I am sure he will hear about, specially from Aizawa.

It was a pretty cool action scene between Deku and Gentle Criminal, to be honest. Made even more so by his making sure that La Brava was recording it– as he stressed, it was important for her to record everything and not stop no matter what. He mentioned to Deku his intention was to "save the world" and that he just wanted to sneak into the U.A. as his goal. He did stress he did not want to hurt anyone… though I do wonder if any of that is really true and what his final intent really is.

I am so glad My Hero Academia started to pick up again as it was a really fun episode that also accomplished the task of "waking us up" a bit so we're ready for what's still to come. I cannot wait to see where the battle between Deku and Gentle Criminal will go and how far it will spread. I also cannot wait to see if anyone will come to his aid considering there are only minutes left before the Festival begins and we can all assume that he completely lost the bags of all the things he got from the store.

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