My Hero Academia, Teen Titans & Young Justice Teen Hero Dream Teams

Superhero team-ups and cross-over events are cool…but it's always the same. Whoever's current in DC teams up; The Avengers cross over with whatever roster the X-Men currently have…it's all started to blend together to add up to franchise fatigue. That's why we need a little imagination in our team-ups: what if all the next generation of animated teen heroes across the board were to link up to defeat villains? Brilliant, right? Teen Titans are of course the first team that comes to mind – they have "teen" in their name! Young Justice is another no-brainer, mostly because they have such a strong roster at any given point, and they do match up well with the Teen Titans. Yes, they're both DC, so we need an outside team to make things interesting – enter My Hero Academia, an amazing anime look at heroes. No, there are no Marvel teams in this list (womp-womp). Perhaps next time, X-Men…

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So here's a look at "Eden's Top Six Teen Hero Dream Teams":

6) Tsuyu Asui, Cyborg, Kid Flash: A little goofy in their own ways, these heroes can be serious when need to be – like when saving the world. Besides, the team that goofs off together saves the world together…right?

5) Ochaco Uraraka, Robin ("Teen Titans"), Aqualad: Where the previous team was a little goofy, this team is a little focused and serious, especially when it comes to saving people.

4) Iauku Midoriya, Raven, Miss Martian: With this team, balance is key; a little brawn and a little brains match up to create some pretty awesome teamwork, especially from Raven and Miss Martian, whose dynamic would be a lot like Raven and fellow Teen Titans member Starfire.

3) Tenya Iida, Starfire, Artemis: There may be a little friction at first, but this team has complementary fighting styles and personalities that would mix fairly well. Now, are they fighting in the DC Universe or the world of My Hero Academia?

2) Katsuki Bakugou, Beast Boy, Robin ("Young Justice"): A little angry, a little serious, and a little goofy: these boys would be surprisingly effective, albeit prone to lots of heated disagreements…though not as many as if it had been Teen Titans Robin.

1)  Shoto Todoroki, Raven, Aqualad: These are the team members voted "most likely to actually get things done" on their respective teams. Imagine the drop in crime rate and quick-ness of battles with this team on the case!

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