NXT Recap: Is William Regal Still In Charge Of NXT After TakeOver?

Hey gang!  Two nights after NXT TakeOver: In Your House, we're going to see how the results of that event will affect the brand going forward.  The biggest questions surround NXT Commissioner William Regal, who shocked everyone at the end of the show by saying it's time for a change in the show's leadership.  What does that mean?  Let's find out!

NXT Preview For Tonight: A Big Return And A Big Debut
The 2021 NXT logo, courtesy of WWE.

We start with a very somber William Regal making his way to the ring.  The Commissioner starts crying as he reminisces about being in NXT from the very beginning and seeing the brand grow into a legit worldwide wrestling destination.  The crowd chants "please don't leave".  Regal gets very emotional and is steadily crying as he speaks about being away from his family as he helped build NXT with Triple H into what it is today.

He names some of their biggest moments and biggest stops along the way but says he's taken the brand as far as he can and he says he's not capable of giving the fans what they deserve anymore.  As he's about to say his intentions, NXT Champion Karrion Kross and Scarlett interrupt him and hit the ring.

Kross says they always knew this day would come, they just didn't know when.  He continues that they needed to see it for themselves and then he mocks Regal for crying and calls him pathetic.  Kross reminds him that he told him last week that he had lost control of the roster and after what he did at TakeOver, Regal knew Kross controls the place now.  He then demands Regal say he's leaving and exit and never come back.

He screams that he demands he say that Kross was right and conquers all, when….

The sound of Godzilla roars fills the CWC and out comes Samoa Joe!  Joe charges the ring and gets in Kross's face.  He asks Regal if he wanted to speak with him?  Regal says since he's here, he thinks everybody deserves a Commissioner that will give NXT the respect it deserves and asks him to take over.  Joe says his answer is absolutely not!

He explains that in the seven years Regal has run the place, he's brought in the best talent in the world and made it into an international phenomenon.  He says Regal's shoes are too large to fill, so he makes him an offer.  He says he always gave Regal respect and with that in mind, he wants to make sure Regal is respected by everybody.

Regal says that's an interesting idea and says if Joe does it, he cannot be a competitor and cannot land a hand on anyone… unless provoked.  Joe then says he accepts the offer.  He then asks Kross what he's still doing in this ring?  He gets in his face and says "tick-tock, young champion."  Kross and Scarlett exit, but not before he has a staredown with Regal and Joe.  Regal and Joe shake hands.  Awesome opening!!!

NXT Recap-
Samoa Joe and Karrion Kross have a stare-down, courtesy of WWE.

Next, we get a backstage promo from Grizzled Young Veterans, who promise Ciampa and Thatcher that they will kick their heads in during their Tornado Tag Match tonight.

Imperium vs Breezango

NXT Recap-
Imperium vs Breezango, courtesy of WWE.

Barthel and Breeze lock it up to start.  Barthel whips him into an armlock, but Breeze reverses into a headlock.  They reverse a bit more, but Barthel takes over with a shoulder block and some strikes.  Breeze flips out of the way and tags Fandango.  Aichner tags in and hip-tosses Fandango before locking him in an abdominal stretch.

Fandango fights back with chops, but Aichner tries a sunset flip, which Fandango scouts and stops, hitting him with a leg drop.  Imperium roll to the outside and Breeze tries a vaulting splash over the top rope, but completely miss them in a very awkward-looking moment.  Fandango then flips over the top rope to plant both men.

He tosses Aichner back in and goes up top, but Barthel distracts him and Aichner knocks him off the turnbuckle.  Aichner and Fandango exchange shots until Fandango catches him with a running knee.  He hits a suplex for a two-count.  Aichner whips him into Imperium's corner and as Fandango does a twisting roll-up attempt, Aichner tags Barthel and they both knock Fandango down.

Barthel kicks Fandango around the ring.  He sets Fandango up in a sort of tree of woe, but through the second rope, as Aichner holds him down.  Barthel goes for a running strike, but Breeze kicks him to stop it.  Barthel then hits a running dropkick to launch Fandango off the apron.

He gets Fandango back in the ring and hammers him with punches, before tagging Aichner.  He elbows him hard, but Fandango fights back until Aichner kicks him down.  Aichner hits a big scoop slam and tags Barthel, who kicks Fandango as Aichner holds him.

Barthel keeps up the ass-whipping on Fandango and locks in a chin lock, but Fandango reverses into a roll-up for two.  Fandango back body drops Barthel out of the ring and tries to crawl to Breeze, but Barthel runs in and stops him.  Fandango backdrops Barthel and crawls to Breeze and Barthel to Aichner, who clotheslines Breeze and goes to hit Fandango.  Breeze then gets an inside cradle on Aichner for the pinfall.

Winners: Breezango

Immediately after, Imperium beats up Breeze and Fandango, slamming both of them into the ring posts and hitting Breeze with the Imperial Implosion.  They then drape an Imperium flag over Breeze in the ring.

We now go backstage, where Regal and security are breaking up a brawl between Kyle O'Reilly and Adam Cole.  Regal tells them that they can settle it at the Great American Bash one on one, but tonight they will each pick an opponent to face next week.

Cole says he should be fighting O'Reilly and they start brawling again.  Samoa Joe enters and separates them until Cole hits him.  Joe takes off his jacket and puts Cole in a sleeper hold until he passes out.  Joe tells security "when he wakes up, tell him Mr. Regal expects his decision!"

NXT Recap-
Samoa Joe chokes out Adam Cole, courtesy of WWE.

Next, we have a backstage promo from Santos Escobar, who says what happened at TakeOver was a tragedy.  He condemns Bronson Reed for putting him through the crowd barrier and says he won't stand for it and is coming for him and guarantees he will be the next NXT North American Champion.

Kushida vs Trey Baxter – NXT Cruiserweight Championship

NXT Recap-
Kushida continues his open challenge, courtesy of WWE.

They exchange wristlocks, with Baxter flipping out of it.  Kushida grounds him with a rear hold, but Baxter spins out of it.  Baxter gets a roll-up on Kushida, but only for one.  They go through an acrobatic series of reversals, until Baxter hits a hurricanrana and then a leaping elbow from the top rope.

They head to the apron and Baxter kicks his legs out from under him and then hits a vaulting twisting splash to the outside on Kushida.  We then see O'Reilly on the stage, watching the action.

They get back in the ring and Kushida fights out of a headlock and elbows Baxter down.  They hit some reversals and Kushida hits an atomic drop.  Kushida tries some running strikes, but Baxter is able to dodge them.  Kushida tries a handspring elbow, but Baxter dodges it and hits a handspring Pele kick.

Baxter then blocks Kushida's kicks and hits a Spanish Fly.  He then hits a vaulting 450 splash for a near two-count.  He gets Kushida up on the top turnbuckle, but Kushida fights back and hits a Hoverboard drop from the top rope.  He gets Baxter down and locks in the Hoverboard Lock for the submission.

Winner and still NXT Cruiserweight champion: Kushida

As Kushida celebrates and shakes Baxter's hand, O'Reilly is looking on and applauding.  He then enters the ring and challenges Kushida for his NXT Cruiserweight title next week, which Kushida accepts.

NXT Recap-
Kyle O'Reilly will challenge Kushida for his NXT Cruiserweight title next week, courtesy of WWE.

We now go to McKenzie Mitchell interviewing Franky Monet, who says that next week she will have her next match.  She then sees Aliyah and Jessi Kamea and tells them they could have won on Sunday, except Robert Stone ruined it for them.  They seem to agree, but Stone comes in and Monet complements him, which he likes.  And the moron is none the wiser.

Next, we see Mercedes Martinez watching footage of Tian Sha taking her out at NXT TakeOver: In Your House.  She threatens each member of the group and warns them not to mess with her again.

NXT Recap-
Ted DiBiase presenting LA Knight with the Million Dollar Title, courtesy of WWE.

We now go to the ring where "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase is entering to present LA Knight with the Million Dollar Title. DiBiase tells everyone that at NXT  TakeOver, he found somebody worthy of being the Million Dollar Champion.  He plays a video package showing everything Knight did to win the match and the title.

Knight then pulls up to the arena in a white Corvette and with a big cigar in his mouth (cause he's a rich guy, you know?).  He comes down to the ring and tells DiBiase that he's his hero and how much it means to him to carry on his legacy.  He says he's all banged up from the ladder match, but it's all worth it.

He reminisces about being a fan of his when he was a kid and having his action figure.  He says he needed him here tonight to express his gratitude and say thank you.  He says this is the greatest moment of his career and would be the highlight of his life for DiBiase to crown him the Million Dollar Champion.  DiBiase drapes the title over Knight's shoulder and they both do a big "Million Dollar Man" laugh.

Knight says he's learned so much from DiBiase and has everything that he wants and it's time to drop what he doesn't need.  He then punches out DiBiase!  He chases the security guards off and stands over him holding the belt.  He then takes his jacket off and starts stomping him all over the ring.

Cameron Grimes storms the ring and lays into Knight and clotheslines him out of the ring.  He then checks on DiBiase as Knight runs away.  The crowd is really hot for Grimes and was chanting his name the whole segment.

We now switch to McKenzie backstage, where she's interviewing NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai.  Gonzalez tells her to tell Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell to hold onto their tag team titles really tight because they have unfinished business.  Kai says tonight they'll take care of Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter and then they're going after the Women's Tag Team Championship.

As Gonzalez and Kai are making their way to the entrance, Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart are being held back by Regal, Joe, and security as they try to get to them.  Regal tells them to go out to their match and ignore it.

NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai vs Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter

NXT Recap-
Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai vs Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter, courtesy of WWE.

Kai and Carter lock up to trade some reversals. Catanzaro tags in and they double-kick Kai in the head.  Carter tags back in and they double team Kai some more.  Gonzalez tags in and immediately overpowers Carter, lifting her in a double-handed choke and holding off an octopus stretch.

Carter escapes and splashes Gonzalez into the corner and tags Catanzaro.  They are able to double team Gonzalez and Catanzaro tries climbing on her shoulders, but Gonzalez tosses her off. Catanzaro then flips over the rope, bounces off of Carter's back, and catches Gonzalez with a headscissors.  Very impressive move!

Kai tags in and Catanzaro hurricanranas her out of the ring and then hits her with a splash through the ropes.  Carter tags in and goes to the top turnbuckle to hit both Kai and Gonzalez with a diving crossbody.

They get back in the ring and Gonzalez and Kai double team Catanzaro.  Gonzalez gets her in a backstretch over her knee and tags Kai in, who hits her with a running knee for two.  Gonzalez tags in and splashes Catanzaro in the corner and side slams her.  She goes for an elbow but misses.  Kai tags in and kicks Catanzaro to the outside.  She follows and tries to whip her into the apron, but Catanzaro reverses to toss Kai into the apron.

Carter tags in and clotheslines Kai and dropkicks Gonzalez.  She then elbows both into the corner.  She hits a running roll through with a sidekick to the jaw.  She then hits a running boot to Kai for two.  Kai hits a scorpion kick and tags Gonzalez.  Carter goes to the top rope and dives, but Gonzalez catches her on her shoulders and spins her into a side slam for two.

Gonzalez tags Kai and hangs Carter in a backward stretch.  Kai bounces off of the ropes and hits her with a codebreaker and goes for the pin, but Catanzaro breaks it up. Catanzaro tags in and they do a double team to Kai for a two-count.  Carter tags in as Catanzaro does a diving hurricanrana to Gonzalez from the apron, throwing her face-first into the side of the ring.

Catanzaro tags in and Carter holds Kai as Catanzaro hits a top rope 450 splash.  She goes for the pin, but Gonzalez pulls Catanzaro off her to the outside.  Carter dives at her from the ring steps, but Gonzalez catches her and fallway slams her into the crowd barrier.

Catanzaro climbs to the top turnbuckle, but Kai kicks her in the head and gets her on her shoulders for a GTK and the pinfall.

Winners: Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez

We now see Ever Rise complaining about Hit Row messing with them on Sunday and wrecking their toy house.  Who cares?

NXT Recap-
Io Shirai returns, courtesy of WWE.

Shirai hits the ring and grabs a mic.  She immediately says "I'm back!"  She says she feels good and as she's about to announce her next target, Candice LeRae's music hits and she interrupts her.  LeRae tells her a lot has changed since she's been gone and since she's no longer unbeatable, it's back to the bottom for her.  She says she still can't stand Shirai and that she picked the wrong time to screw with her!

Indi Hartwell then jumps Shirai from behind.  Shirai fights back, but they overpower her and set up Shirai on the announce table. Hartwell goes to the top turnbuckle to drop the elbow, but Zoey Stark shows up and beats on both of them.  Shirai then hits them with a vaulting dropkick from the ropes, knocking them out of the ring.

McKenzie catches Regal and Joe on their way to the parking lot and asks them how tonight has gone?  As Regal is about to answer, it jarringly cuts to Ciampa & Thatcher walking backstage (this looks like a production botch).  They cross paths with MSK, who are eating big buckets of popcorn.  MSK tells them good luck and says they'll be watching.  Ciampa & Thatcher walk off, but Thatcher comes back and steals their popcorn.

After a commercial break, we now go to McKenzie with Regal and Joe in their office and she asks them again how it's going and as he's about to answer, Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory storm in chanting "Joe! Joe! Joe!" like idiots.

Gargano says this is great and Joe is exactly what this place needs.  Joe asks Gargano to do him a big favor and get out and he gets in his face.  They rush out and as Joe turns around, there's Pete Dunne staring at him.  No words are said and they just stare each other down.

Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher vs Grizzled Young Veterans – Tornado Tag Match

NXT Recap-
Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher set to collide with Grizzled Young Veterans in Tornado Tag Match, courtesy of WWE.

Ciampa & Thatcher meet GYV on the ramp and they start brawling.  It spills into the ring and the brawling continues.  They slam GYV into each other and then start pounding on their chests.  They then switch opponents and pound on their chests again.  GYV slides out of the ring and Ciampa & Thatcher follow.

They slide back in the ring and start punching Ciampa & Thatcher.  They toss Thatcher out and start double-teaming Ciampa.  They miss a double clothesline and Ciampa responds with a diving double clothesline on them both.  He then clotheslines them both into the corners and goes running, but they respond.

Drake drop toe holds him to the mat and Gibson hits him with a snap kick.  Thatcher climbs to the corner apron, but GYV hit him with a Poetry In Motion.  They follow Ciampa & Thatcher to the outside and beat on them around the ringside area.

Drake gets Thatcher in the ring, but Thatcher chokes Gibson on the ropes.  Drake hits him from behind with a knee, but Ciampa grabs him in a sleeper hold.  Drake throws him off and they take over against both men with kicks and punches.

Drake gets Ciampa outside and throws him into the barricade and then joins Gibson in the ring to double team Thatcher with a backdrop/neckdrop.  Drake goes to the top rope, but Ciampa knocks him off.  He then clotheslines Gibson over the top rope and hits Drake with a series of running clotheslines.

He then goes outside and throws both opponents into the crowd barrier by the timekeeper and hits them with a running splash into the wall.  He gets them both in the ring and he & Thatcher hit both men with a series of running uppercuts.

They get GYV to the outside and continue working on them.  They slam both men into the crowd barriers over and over around the ringside area.  GYV are able to fight back and rally and Drake gets Thatcher into the ring.  Gibson follows and they double team him with stomps and knees.

Gibson holds Thatcher as Drake punches him in the ring.  Thatcher kicks and uppercuts out of it, but Gibson hits a missile dropkick from the top rope and Drake locks a leg choke on him.  Ciampa then runs in and knocks out Gibson and stomps on Drake.

Thatcher belly to belly suplexes Gibson and holds him in a waist lock as Ciampa tries a running kick.  Gibson dodges and Ciampa kicks Thatcher.  GYV then double team Ciampa and sets him up for a Doomsday Device, but Ciampa fights both of them while on Gibson's shoulders.

Thatcher hits Gibson with a double underhook suplex and Ciampa hits Drake with a top rope Air Raid Crash for two.  Gibson drops Thatcher over the top rope and Ciampa hits him with a running knee.

Ciampa and Drake go to the apron where they exchange chops to the chest.  Ciampa tries to lift Drake, but he fights out.  Gibson then gets Ciampa on his shoulders on the outside as Drake goes running and hits a suicide dive Doomsday Device on Ciampa on the outside.

Gibson gets back in the ring and locks up with Thatcher.  They exchange uppercuts and then a long series of reversals. Gibson gets Thatcher in the corner and Drake hits a running kick to Thatcher's head.  They hit him with a 2 For 1, but Ciampa breaks the pin at two.

GYV chase him out of the ring and set up the cover of the announce table on it for Gibson to backdrop him through.  They then get Ciampa on the announce table and Drake beats on Thatcher in the ring as Gibson sets Ciampa up for a piledriver on the table.  Ciampa reverses and hits an Air Raid Crash onto the table.

As Drake looks on, Thatcher gets to his feet behind him in the ring.  Ciampa and Thatcher double team Drake in the ring and hit him with the Fairy Tale Ending, followed by an armbar and ankle lock at the same time and Drake taps out.

NXT Recap-
Ciampa & Thatcher win with a double submission, courtesy of WWE.

Winners: Ciampa & Thatcher

In the parking lot, McKenzie asks Regal what his thoughts are on Samoa Joe's first night in NXT.  Regal says he thinks things are going to be a bit different around here and Joe says "night one of many".  The two shake hands and get into an SUV to take off as NXT ends.

A good show overall with some really solid matches and some fun developments. Till next time friends!

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