NXT Report – Title Match Actually Ends with New Champion Crowned

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice? Shame on me again, because despite the crappy non-ending to last week's NXT Championship fatal four-way iron man match, here I am again, watching NXT on a Tuesday. So really, I have no one to blame besides myself.

The official logo for WWE NXT.
The official logo for WWE NXT.

WWE NXT Report for September 8th, 2020 Part 1

Vic Joseph, Beth Phoenix, and Wade Barrett are our hosts for NXT Super Tuesday II. Finn Balor comes to the ring. Are they gonna do the title match first? They should, after that fiasco last week. I guess so because Adam Cole comes out. William Regal is in the ring holding the NXT Championship. Alright, let's get on with this.

Finn Balor vs. Adam Cole – NXT Championship Match

  • Now that AEW has moved to a 10% capacity arena, where the crowd sounds kind of washed out, and Raw and Smackdown have moved to the Thunderdome, where the crowd noise is piped in, NXT may now have the best crowd in wrestling.
  • These guys are having a great match. Of course, they are — they're Finn Balor and Adam Cole. But after last week, I'm having trouble getting into it. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking: will this match have a finish? Will they find a way to make it continue to next week? That's the trouble with a screwjob finish on an important match like that.
  • Okay, yes, I'm still bitter. But nevertheless, I feel a strong compulsion to fast-forward through this match just to see the ending.
  • Commercial break. I'll tell you what. I'm going for a smoke. I'll be right back.
  • Okay, I'm back.
  • What, did you think I wasn't coming… no, wait! Don't cry! I didn't mean to bring up old issues. I'm sure your daddy loves you!
  • Balor is beating up Adam Cole outside the ring, but he eats a superkick from Adam Cole. And NXT goes to commercials. But I just got back!
  • Okay, we're gonna get a new champ before the next commercial break. I can feel it.
  • Cole puts the figure four on Balor, but Balor makes it to the ropes.
  • Balor hits his signature moves on Cole and goes up for the Coup de Grace. He hits it!
  • But he takes a while to make the pin, busy selling the knee. Cole kicks out.
  • The announcers are losing their minds. They insist that no one has ever kicked out of the Coup de Grace. My ten-year-old son informs me Brock Lesnar did, proving he knows more about wrestling than three people paid by WWE to talk about it on television.
  • Now Cole hits his offense on Balor but fails to put him away. He goes to the second rope for Panama Sunrise, but Balor catches him and hits a scorpion death drop.
  • But Balor's knee is too hurt to even attempt the pin! He does slowly climb up the ropes, but Cole kicks him in the knee.
  • They fight on the top rope, and Balor hits 1916 off the top. That gets the pin.

So Finn Balor is the new NXT champion. And more importantly, this match had a finish. It was the right thing to do to put this match on first. Rhea Ripley cuts a promo on Mercedes Martinez. She's gonna show her why she's the nightmare in the steel cage tonight.

William Regal, Triple H, and Adam Cole congratulate Finn Balor on his win backstage. Balor says this is the reason he returned to NXT.

McKenzie Mitchell talks to Robert Stone backstage. Stone leads her to Shotzi Blackheart's tank. He's about to smash it with a lead pipe, but Shotzi catches him. She punches him in the face, but Aliyah attacks her and shoves her through a curtain. They end up knocking over Io Shirai, who is in the middle of a photo shoot. Io chases her to the ring, where she and Shotzi corner her. They beat her up. Stone tries to attack them from behind off the top rope, but they dodge and beat him up too. They hit a moonsault and senton off the top ropes. Afterward, Shotzi goes to hand Shirai her title… but yanks it away real quick. She hands it over, but Shirai is unhappy.

Candice LeRea and Johnny Gargano are getting the house ready for company. The doorbell rings. Johnny answers. It's Tegan Nox. Johnny is super fake nice to her. All three sit down at the table. Candice wants to talk. NXT takes a commercial break.

Timothy Thatcher does a Thatch as Thatch Can segment, focused on Damian Priest, showcasing his weaknesses. Velveteen Dream comes to the ring.  He's fighting Ashante "Thee" Adonis. Somebody checked this guy's id, right?

Velveteen Dream vs. Ashante "Thee" Adonis

  • Dream is a heel now, for reasons that are 100% in-storyline and not related to any real-life scandals he may or may not be involved in. If he was involved in them, WWE totally investigated and didn't find anything, so just shut up and boo him, but not because of real life, because of the story.
  • About 30 seconds into the match, ADonis accidentally kicks the ref. Dream takes advantage with an eye poke and hits the Dream Valley Driver for the ring.

Dream has a mic, but before he can cut a promo, KUSHIDA attacks him out of nowhere. They brawl for a bit as referees try to keep them apart. KUSHIDA gets the better of it, pulling Dream by his arm into the ring post twice and then putting on a cross armbreaker through the ropes.

We see a video package for a Breezango vs. Imperium rematch for the NXT Tag Team Championships next week. NXT takes a commercial break.

Candice LeRae, Tegan Nox, and Johnny Gargano are having dinner. Gargano admits he's making the situation awkward, so he goes to finish his dinner upstairs. Candice asks Tegan if she fesses up to the mistakes she's made. Tegan says Candice betrayed her. They disagree here. Candice says Tegan doesn't understand the Gargano way and wonders if she's upset because she's not a part of it. Tegan says Johnny has changed Candice. Candice says she's always been like this; she just unleashed it. Tegan says the old Candice cared about people. Candice says she's always had Tegan's back as a big sister. She asks what Tegan has to lose by trying things her way.

Bronson Reed comes to the ring. Then Austin Theory does. Who will be the better man tonight? Find out in part two of our NXT report.

This post is part of a multi-part series: Tuesday Night Wrestling Wars for September 8th, 2020.

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