Our Ultimate MacGruber/MacGyver Crossover Pitch with Anderson & Till

It's funny how the stars align sometimes with the upcoming Peacock action-comedy series MacGruber about to become a reality. The Will Forte-MacGyver spoof has come a long way from its Saturday Night Live roots as a parody of the beloved 80s-90s ABC series starring Richard Dean Anderson. The skits feature Forte as the title character always trying to disarm a bomb in a remote area accompanied by Vicki (Kristen Wiig) and another character usually played by the SNL host.

MacGruber: Pitching Ultimate MacGyver Crossover with Anderson & Till
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The twist in this comedic parody is how easily distracted MacGruber becomes while precious seconds are lost and obviously, time is far from consistent as per TV rules. Whatever problem comes up usually gets resolved in the second or third part as each segment ends with the bomb going off with the announcer (Forte) shouting "MacGruber!" along with the title screen in the font used by MacGyver. The sketches gained so much popularity that in one of the final series, Anderson himself reprised his role as Angus MacGyver revealed to be MacGruber's father finding himself in similar scenarios with the expected turnout. Just when you thought the sketches reached its creative peak, Universal Pictures helped permanently solidify its pop-culture status joining the likes of Wayne's World, Coneheads, A Night at the Roxbury, and Blues Brothers to graduate to theatrical adaptation with the 2010 film also titled MacGruber.

Forte and Wiig reprised their roles and joining them, fellow SNL cast member Maya Rudolph. Also cast was Ryan Phillippe as Dixon and Val Kilmer against type as the villainous Dieter Von Cunth. While the Paramount film was a bust at the box office, the franchise now has a second life on the NBCU streamer with Sam Elliot, Laurence Fishburne, and Mickey Rourke cast on the upcoming series. Wiig and Phillippe will also reprise their roles.

If Anderson agreed to do the SNL, then I don't see why he couldn't do the same for the Peacock series. It would provide at least the closure for him in the role he never got when he rejected appearing in the CBS reboot starring Lucas Till, which was recently canceled ending its five-year run. When I talk about stars aligning, there should be no reason why NBCU should be making a hard pitch to land these two and it would make one hell of a season finale seeing MacGruber and two MacGyvers sharing the same screen. Make it happen!

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