"Outlander" Cast Playlist Marathon: Our Thoughts on Their Favorite Episodes [OPINION]

In the seemingly endless midst of Droughtlander, fans and STARZ celebrate the phenomenon with a marathon of the Outlander cast's favorite episodes with a "Cast Playlist Marathon". We'll weigh in with a few opinions along the way, but we'll leabe it up to the beloved cast do most of the talking.

Naturally, you can't compile a list of episodes without starting with the one that won our hearts. Confession: I've never read Diana Gabaldon's novels. The synopsis of this time-traveling romantic saga aroused my interest – and lets just say Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) sustained those sentiments.

"Outlander" Premiere "Sassenach"

In "Sassenach," Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe) is the titular "outsider" thrust into a time and place she's unfamiliar. Despite all of that, Claire's intellect, courage, and future knowledge proves she is no damsel in distress. Of all the brutish men she encounters, Jaime is the only gentleman who watches over her, appreciates her aptitude, and treats her with the respect she deserves. In one word: SWOON.

S02E07 "Faith"

This episode is devastatingly heartbreaking. Jamie and Claire have been excited to have a child. He dotes on the baby even while she's in the womb. Jamie is off dueling his nemesis Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies) and justifiably stabbing him in the "crown jewels." Meanwhile, Claire miscarries their baby girl. We watch her painstakingly mourn Faith – cradling her lifeless newborn, struggling with reality, and feeling like a failure as a nurse and mother. All without Jamie by her side. If you're not gutted by this episode, then you have no feelings.

S02 Finale "Dragonfly In Amber"

In case you haven't noticed, Outlander is not a comedy. We find ourselves crying during several episodes – "Dragonfly in Amber" takes the cake. Claire is pregnant again and the history they've desperately tried to prevent will come to pass. Jamie insists on sending Claire back to the future, where she can raise their child in safety with her husband, Frank (also played Menzies). Jamie will be able to meet his maker on the battlefield knowing his loves will be safe. Dammit I'm about to tear up just writing about the episode. Grab a bottle of whiskey, a box of tissues and cue up this episode for a healthy cry.

'Outlander' Marathon Showcases The Cast's Favorite Episodes

S03e11 "Uncharted"

Seasons 1 and 2 are my favorites so far. I didn't particularly car for the seafaring in Season 3, but I did the enjoy the episode where grown-up Fergus (Cesar Domboy) gets married – and baptized as an official Fraser. So sweet!

Also, Domboy makes the transition from young Fergus (Romann Berrux) to adult Fergus look seamless.

S04E09 "The Birds and The Bees"

Brianna (Sophie Skelton) goes through Hell – and back in time – to warn her parents about their impeding death. She's savagely raped and winds up pregnant. Misdirected blame and anger is placed on her hand-fast husband Roger (Richard Rankin). There isn't much room for moments of comedic relief or any relaxation. So when the whole family comes together – that is a celebration to cherish. Plus, Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix) is back with the Frasers – squee!

S04e12 "Providence"

Poor Roger! He is seriously abused throughout Season 4. Luckily, it never reaches the extent of Jamie's abuse at the hands of Black Jack. I think he has proven his love and devotion to Brianna well enough.

I liked having an episode that focuses on all the difficulties Roger has faced. It all demonstrates how he always chooses to be an honorable man – even under the worst circumstances. I'm still haunted that scene. If you've watched it, then you know what I'm speaking of. *shudders* 


Whether you caught the episodes as they aired on STARZ or if you are streaming your personal favorites at your leisure, we'd love to hear your thoughts. What are your favorite episodes and moments from the series so far? Why do you love them?

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