QTV Debuts on AEW Dynamite, Reveals Who Broke Into Wardlow's Car

The debut of QTV was one of many things that cheesed The Chadster off on AEW Dynamite last night. Watch the lowlights from the show here.

It looks like Powerhouse Hobbs was the person who broke into Wardlow's car and stole his bags and TNT Championship, according to QT Marshall and a TMZ-like group of journalists during the debut of QTV on AEW Dynamite, The long-awaited debut of the segment mocked Wardlow, who lost the title to Hobbs in the main event of Dynamite last week.

QT Marshall debuts QTV on AEW Dynamite.
QT Marshall debuts QTV on AEW Dynamite.

The Chadster was not a fan of this segment at all because, in The Chadster's opinion, the whole thing was a direct shot at The Chadster because it disparaged The Chadster's noble profession of journalism. Billionaire AEW owner Tony Khan can't stand that The Chadster is a totally unbiased, objective journalist who refuses to be on AEW's payroll, so he has to make a mockery of all journalists with this QTV segment. Well, The Chadster isn't laughing. The Chadster is totally cheesed off!

The Outcasts, the group consisting of Ruby Soho, Saraya, and Toni Storm, also cut a promo on AEW Dynamite last night, calling out the AEW Women's Division. The Chadster can't stand this story and how it uses being a former WWE Superstar as some kind of negative thing. As former WWE stars, The Outcasts should be the babyfaces because everybody knows that WWE is the best wrestling company ever. This is just another example of Tony Khan trying to manipulate public opinion to make WWE look bad, and The Chadster is absolutely disgusted by it.

Speaking of things that disgust The Chadster, the All-Atlantic Championship was "leveled up" on AEW Dynamite last night in a tie-in for the new Shazam movie. Orange Cassidy defeated Jeff Jarrett to become the first AEW International Champion, but what really cheesed off The Chadster was the fact that Warner Bros Discovery would trust AEW to promote their movie, which makes it seem like AEW is an influential company that is a valuable partner. That sort of thing is only going to ensure that AEW continues to prosper for years to come, which is the last thing The Chadster wants! Auughh man! So unfair!

The House of Black also retained their own championship on AEW Dynamite, defeating The Elite and The Jericho Appreciation Society to remain AEW World Trios Champions. It was another action-packed main event for AEW Dynamite, and The Chadster was helpless to do anything about it. Once again, Tony Khan completely ruined The Chadster's night, which just goes to show that Tony Khan has zero respect for the wrestling business and everything Vince McMahon has ever done for it.

Finally, last night. The Chadster wrote about Taya Valkyrie debuting on AEW Dynamite and how unfair it was. To rub it in, Valkyrie gave an interview that you can watch below, though The Chadster doesn't understand why you would want to.

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