Reacher Does Not Play Well With Others in New Amazon Series Preview

Reacher is one of the most highly anticipated series coming to Amazon Prime, coming in February 4th. Amazon Studios released a clip today of a fight Jack Reacher has with some convicts in prison. The books by Lee Child have sold tens of millions of copies worldwide, so there's already a huge fandom eagerly waiting for the show to come out.

Reacher: Amazon Studios Releases Prison Fight Clip
Still from "Reacher", Amazon Studios

Yup, that's Reacher all right. Alan Ritchson is slowly convincing fans that he is Jack Reacher with each new clip. If you've read the first novel in the series, "The Killing Floor", you'll know exactly where that scene comes from, namely during the first third of the book. Jack Reacher hitchhikes into a small town and barely has time to sit down for breakfast when the local police storm in and arrest him for murder. Reacher spends the book investigating what's really going on to clear his name and discovers a town rotten to the core that he will end up going to war against.

The prison fight scene is amazingly faithful to the same moment in the book. Reacher only has two modes: immovable object and unstoppable force, and often both at the same time. This is one of those times. As Lee Child described him: if he decides you're his friend, you're very lucky. If he decides you're not his friend, you're very unlucky. Here some convicts decide to make an enemy of him, which they think wouldn't last for a long time. They're right, but not in the way they expected. This is not the first fight scene in "The Killing Floor" – that would be earlier where he got those Aviator sunglasses as a reward to himself. This is the first big fight scene in the story where the full force of Reacher's menace and danger are unleashed. The way he fights is even faithful to the book – his fists as hammers and his elbows as axes.

If this is the type of thing you like, then you'll like Reacher, which starts streaming on Amazon Prime on February 4th.

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