Renee Paquette Returns to WWE Again for Royal Rumble Backstage

Global entertainment superstar Renee Paquette, formerly known as Renee Young in WWE, will return to host a special episode of WWE Backstage the month for the Royal Rumble.  Young made the announcement on the WWE on Fox Twitter page in a video message.

"Oh, baby, it's happening! I am so freaking excited about this because it's happening!" Paquette said on the video. "January 30th on Fs1 at 8PM Eastern Time, you guys can feast your eyes on an episode of WWE Backstage. The gang is getting back together. We're gonna talk all things WWE. It will air, as I just said, on the eve, right before the Royal Rumble, my personal favorite PPV of all time, so I cannot wait."

WWE Backstage returns this month for the Royal Rumble with Renee Paquette, Paige, and Booker T
WWE Backstage returns this month for the Royal Rumble with Renee Paquette, Paige, and Booker T

"I get to see my girl Paige. I get to see my dude Booker. This is just gonna be a moment. I cannot wait," Paquette continued. "It means that I have to, like, get out of my house, too, so, let's see if I remember how to pack a bag and drive my ass to Los Angeles. It's all happening. Make sure that you guys catch it. Teet us. Message us. Do all the things that you need to do. Send us everything, because we are all so excited. WWE Backstage is happening, January 30th, 8PM Eastern time, on FS1. Put it in your calenders. Set an alarm clock. Do whatever yo have to do. WE'll see you guys then."

In a follow-up video tweet, Paige also confirmed her return to the show. "I'm baaack." said Paige in the video. "Well, Backstage is back. And I'm gonna be there, with my pals, knocked-up Renee and Beard Oil Booker, and we're gonna have some fun, so make sure you whip out your best sweatpants, because it's gonna be a party, baby."

Paquette left WWE back in August last year after being with the company since 2012. With WWE Backstage canceled and Paquette back to doing backstage interviewing and pre-show hosting, it was time for her to move on to bigger and better things. Those things have since included writing a cookbook that lit up the preorder charts, launching a hit podcast, Oral Sessions, and becoming pregnant.

And on a recent episode of that podcast with fellow WWE Backstage star CM Punk, Paquette and Punk tore into some of their frustrations with WWE. Paige, also, has played a somewhat adversarial role with WWE recently, continuing to broadcast on Twitch through her own deal rather than allowing WWE to take all the money for it. Of course, WWE Backstage is produced by Fox, which is how CM Punk ended up working there in the first place despite his notorious grievances with the company. In any case, it should make for an interesting show come January 30th

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