Report: Matt Riddle Loses First Name for the Dumbest Possible Reason

Like many WWE superstars before him, Matt Riddle has apparently lost something very important to him: his first name! According to a story first broken by PWInsider, WWE has decided to drop the "Matt" part of  Riddle's name and begin referring to the WWE Raw star as simply "Riddle" from now on. It's a move that Riddle, at least publicly, claims to be okay with. After the report made its way around the internet, Riddle responded, "People it's okay I've been called Riddle most my life, I actually prefer it and it's my real last name 🤙 #bro #stallion #RIDDLE"

Shoeless WWE superstar Matt Riddle is the target of constant nagging by Hall of Famer Booker T over his lack of footwear.
Shoeless WWE superstar Matt Riddle is the target of constant nagging by Hall of Famer Booker T over his lack of footwear.

The story of Riddle's name change continued to develop over the last few days, with Fightful Select reporting that Vince McMahon personally made the decision to Get the Matt Out after being impressed by the Matt Riddle vs. Sheamus match on Raw last week. According to that report, McMahon wanted Riddle to be taken more seriously, and everyone knows you can't take someone with the name "Matt" seriously.

However, a conflicting report challenges Fightful's take. In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that the reason for the change was to prevent people getting information on the #SpeakingOut allegations against Riddle and the lawsuit against him and WWE over them. "The company made the decision to drop Matt Riddle's first name, and now he's just 'Riddle.'," Meltzer reported. "The story was that they wanted to not have people google "Matt Riddle" and come up with the details of the lawsuit against him and WWE." Riddle has denied the allegations.

If Meltzer is correct and that really is the plan, it seems foolish. Googling "Riddle" will bring up nothing about Riddle the wrestler because it's a generic term. Googling "Riddle wrestler" or "Riddle WWE" will of course bring up the same sort of things googling "Matt Riddle" would, including information about the lawsuit. Of course, there's also the chance WWE will forget about the whole thing and just go back to calling him by his full name again. We'll have to see how the situation evolves on Monday Night Raw this week.

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